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Patient Nutrition

Meeting the nutritional and emotional needs of patients.

Go Above and Beyond

Patient Empowerment

Empower and delight patients with meals that nourish. Hospital admittance is often a stressful time when patients lose a level of autonomy. Empower patients through choice by providing menus from which they can choose healthy comfort foods. Keep patients safe through technology-forward menu and ordering solutions that restrict ordering based on dietary needs, allergies, and more.

Culinary Excellence

Balancing nutrition, flavor and freshness is a tricky juggling act. Designed to strengthen therapeutic intervention at the individual patient level, our meals improve clinical results for patients and providers. Meals are balanced and developed to taste good. Menu choice is varied to provide patients with options. Ordering is simple and customizable.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is therapy to boost patient recovery, using food, fluids, and supplements. It’s disease prevention and management, through treatment and education. It’s reaching patients through TeleHealth. It’s recognizing and diagnosing malnutrition in long-suffering patients. As the premier employer of over 4,000 registered dietitians worldwide, we prioritize clinical outcomes.

Operational Excellence

Chefs, registered dietitians and operations leaders develop our services in collaboration to focus on a hospital’s environment: nutritious food that tastes good, served hot. All of our offers are developed with experts in operations who can tailor services to each hospital based on kitchen size, hospital size, number of beds, etc.

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