At Sodexo, our core values are funded commitments that we carefully track, report, and aim to reach in support of corporate diversity. 

Our Commitments


Embedding Responsibility into Our Approach to Sourcing

We incorporate sustainability and corporate responsibility into our purchasing strategies according to the issues relevant to each category.  Our balanced approach takes environmental, social and economic impacts into account as we set our goals, select products and services, and engage with suppliers.

In addition to offering a variety of sustainable products for clients to choose from, depending on the solutions they require, Sodexo has also actively pursued specific standards and commitments where we can use our purchasing scale to make a significant impact.


Living by Our Commitments

We hold ourselves accountable to behave responsibly in the way each of us does business with our clients, partners, and suppliers.

Therefore, we put in place policies and codes to frame our practices and expected behaviors around key issues such as respect for human rights, animal welfare and sourcing policies.

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Building a low-carbon supply chain

Half of Sodexo’s carbon emissions come from our supply chain, primarily from commodities such as meat and dairy products, palm oil and paper, which also drive deforestation. Ensuring every dollar, we spend will create a positive impact on individuals, communities and the environment is at the heart of our responsible sourcing strategy. For the natural ecosystem pillar of this roadmap, our approach is based on three key ambitions: promoting sustainable agriculture, co-developing products and services based on the principles of the circular economy and improving resource efficiency. 

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How We Define “Small and Diverse” Suppliers

51% or greater ownership by a U.S. citizen (and Puerto Rico) or Permanent Resident who identifies in these classifications: African American, Asian-Indian American, Asian-Pacific American, Disabled, Hispanic American, LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender), Native American, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned, Veteran-Owned, or Woman-Owned.


How We Support Diverse Businesses Working with Sodexo

Supporting diverse businesses is the responsibility of everyone within Sodexo. Our Supplier Diversity Team works with our Supply Managers to source diverse products and services to be used throughout our supply chain. We have regionally based Account Managers assist operations in optimizing procurement and opportunities for local, small, and diverse businesses as well as a dedicated call center.


For Small and Diverse Businesses

We want to work with you! We are actively seeking small and diverse businesses to innovate and deliver the best to our clients. We have dedicated resources and staff to help you register and certify so that Sodexo employees can easily find and work with you.

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Sodexo Joint Ventures Add Diversity

Sodexo is a 49% partner of two joint ventures with certified minority-owned businesses that continue to promote and grow business. SodexoMAGIC was formed in 2006 through a joint venture between Magic Food Provisions, LLC, which is owned by NBA all-star, Earvin "Magic" Johnson and Sodexo, Inc. NANA Management Services (NMS) joint venture, a Native American-owned corporation based in Alaska.


How we do it:

Sodexo publicly committed to having an inclusive supply chain around the world as part of our Better Tomorrow Plan.

We actively recruit diverse businesses, educate Sodexo employees on our contracting goals, and provide a database for registered and certified diverse and small businesses.

Sodexo annually tracks metrics defined by steering committees in each region. To support our local communities, we globally have committed to spend 25% of our purchases with SME businesses with a focus on local and diverse by 2025

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