Sodexo Campus Commits to 50% Plant-Based Menu by 2025

In celebration of #EarthDay, we’re increasing our commitment to plant-based eating in our Campus segment. By 2025, 50% of our campus dining menus will be plant-based.


We’ll reach this target with help from our partners at the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). For more than 15 years, we’ve worked with the esteemed animal welfare organization to create a more humane supply chain and pursue responsible sourcing. Now, we’re collaborating on recipe development, menu ideas, nutrition and hands-on culinary training for our chefs and kitchen teams.


We’re proud that our leadership in plant-based eating and collaboration with HSUS won us an “A+” rating on the HSUS Protein Sustainability Scorecard for the second year in a row. Working together, we’ll continue to cut our carbon footprint, support humane suppliers and serve our clients the best in healthy, delicious and sustainable foods.

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Committed to Environmental Sustainability

This year’s Earth Day theme — Invest in Our Planet — has real meaning for Sodexo. We are leaders in sustainability, committed to meaningful action to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come. Our motto: a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all.

We employ 125,000 people in the U.S. and provide food and facilities services to millions in schools, universities, offices, hospitals and other sites across all 50 states. Every day, we have the opportunity to choose positive climate actions that benefit our employees, clients and communities — and we seize those opportunities!

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions in our direct operations, client sites and shared supply chain. From sustainable plant-forward menus to responsible sourcing, reducing food waste to health and well-being, we embrace our responsibility to preserve environmental ecosystems wherever we can.

Our Better Tomorrow Commitments include: 

  • Reducing our carbon emissions by 34% by 2025 on our way to Net Zero emissions by 2040
  • Cutting food waste by 50% at 85% of our U.S. sites
  • Training 100% of our employees in sustainable practices


Learn more in our Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Report


Cutting Carbon Emissions

We’re looking to cut harmful carbon emissions everywhere we can. From helping clients reduce energy use to sourcing from sustainable farmers and seafood providers, we follow the principles of the circular economy. We also collaborate with industry peers to co-develop sustainable products and services. When it comes to the planet, we’re all in this together.

Sustainable Packaging = Less Waste

Collective challenges call for collective action, especially when tackling packaging waste. Sodexo is a key player in a cross-industry industry group of experts helping operators find, compare and procure sustainable foodware and packaging with ease. Meet the free online UP Scorecard tool.

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Cut Carbon, Save Money with Utility Expense Management

Utility bills are a pain point for businesses and consumers alike. Inefficient systems and practices also contribute to carbon emissions. Our Utility Expense Management program helps clients save money, reduce emissions and stay in compliance by tracking, managing and improving utility use.

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Fresh, Local, Healthy: Supporting Regenerative Agriculture

In northern California, Sodexo’s Good Eating Company is supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) farmers in using regenerative agriculture practices. Sourcing from these diverse suppliers, we serve our clients the best in fresh, sustainable produce.

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Reducing Food Waste

We have an aggressive target to cut our food waste: 50% at 85% of our U.S. sites by 2025. Our WasteWatch by Leanpath program is the strongest tool in our arsenal — an easy-to-use scale system that tracks and measures all kitchen food waste, providing reports and best practice recommendations. We also focus on repurposing and donating our extra food, which supports our commitment to feeding hungry people.

Cut Food Waste, Save Money

At Sodexo sites across the country, operators are tracking food waste to refine how much they cook, serve and order. Parkview Medical Center in Indiana is one kitchen where consistently measuring food waste has led to a positive financial and environmental impact.

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Donating Excess Food to Fight Hunger

No one wants perfectly good food to go to landfills. Especially when so many people are hungry. At National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C., Sodexo Executive Chef Annette Oliveras makes sure safe, edible excess food makes its way to those in need through the non-profit Food Rescue US.

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Reenvisioning Food Trimmings

In the Sodexo Good Eating Company’s dining rooms of California tech companies, employees enjoy soups, sauces and pestos made from food trimmings and “upcycled” products with an auditable supply chain showing positive environmental impact. It’s a win for our environment, landfills and plates.

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Promoting Plant-Based Plates

We’re excited about the growing demand for plant-based foods and its potential impact on carbon emissions. We’re committed to making 33% of our dishes plant-based by 2025; in our Campus segment, we’ll shift 50% of planned entrées to plant-based. And 100% of our U.S. consumers are offered healthy options every day. From hospitals to offices, K-12 schools to universities, our chefs prove plant-forward eating is healthy, sustainable and enticing.

Good Medicine: Patients Savor Plant-Based Meals

In New York City Health + Hospitals, patients have embraced plant-based meals. After a successful pilot program with the city, edamame falafel and kabocha squash are popular fare, along with meals inspired by the flavors of Latin America, Asia and other places representing the diverse population.

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Raising Healthy Fruit and Veggie Fans

Sodexo’s Chef Michael Morris has a mission: to train kids’ palates — from elementary to high school students — to love fruits, veggies and worldly flavors. His innovative Edgy Veggies program has kids craving sweet potato tacos and apple-glazed carrots.

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The Future of Campus is Plant-Based and Sustainable

Today’s college students want more plant-based dishes. And the World Wildlife Fund’s Future 50 Foods list is full of biodiverse, affordable and flavorful foods delivering low environmental impact and high nutrition. Read how the University of Vermont serves up inspiring, sustainable Future Foods.

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Love the Planet, Feed Hungry People

We’re committed to fighting food insecurity in the communities we serve, where Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Foundation benefits 4.8 million hungry Americans every year. Learn more about Stop Hunger’s Love the Planet Food Drive, in honor of Earth Month.

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