NYC Health + Hospitals Launches 100% Plant-Based Menus

NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest municipal healthcare system in the US, began its transition to offering plant-based meals for patients, visitors and staff in 2019, and has evolved its approach to today, where Sodexo now offers 100% plant-based entrees on patient lunch and dinner menus at its hospitals. This move toward more climate-friendly menus was tied closely to the city’s food-based climate goals of cutting emissions by 33% by 2030.


The results were exciting: 90% patient satisfaction, and 50 to 60% of patients chose to try the new plant-based entrees. Sodexo’s AI-enabled patient experience technology Experiencia was used to collect patient feedback on their meals and guide patients and staff through the changes over time.


Sodexo and NYC H+H recognize the powerful impact that plant-based diets can have on preventive care and chronic illness treatment. Additionally, NYC H+H’s plant-based eating initiative closely aligns with NYC Health Department’s healthy eating plan, which Mayor Eric L. Adam’s endorses. NYC Health + Hospitals’ move to plant-based menus is positively impacting patient and planetary health as well as supporting the city’s overarching goals to reduce carbon emissions.

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Sodexo Achieves A+ Rating on Protein Sustainability Scorecard

For the third year in a row, Sodexo’s commitment to create a more sustainable and responsible supply chain has been recognized in Humane Society of the United States Protein Sustainability Scorecard. Our progress and commitments toward plant-based eating, among other sustainability initiatives, have led us to this recognition.


Sodexo has partnered with HSUS for more than 15 years and continues to move toward more plant-based menus and options across all segments.

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Committed to Environmental Sustainability

We are leaders in sustainability, committed to meaningful action to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come. Our motto: a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all.

We employ 125,000 people in the U.S. and provide food and facilities services to millions in schools, universities, offices, hospitals and other sites across all 50 states. Every day, we have the opportunity to choose positive climate actions that benefit our employees, clients and communities — and we seize those opportunities!

We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions in our direct operations, client sites and shared supply chain. From sustainable plant-forward menus to responsible sourcing, reducing food waste to health and well-being, we embrace our responsibility to preserve environmental ecosystems wherever we can.

Our Better Tomorrow Commitments include: 

  • Reducing our carbon emissions by 34% by 2025 on our way to Net Zero emissions by 2040
  • Cutting food waste by 50% at 85% of our U.S. sites
  • Training 100% of our employees in sustainable practices


Learn more in our Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Report


Cutting Carbon Emissions

We’re looking to cut harmful carbon emissions everywhere we can. From helping clients reduce energy use to sourcing from sustainable farmers and seafood providers, we follow the principles of the circular economy. We also collaborate with industry peers to co-develop sustainable products and services. When it comes to the planet, we’re all in this together.

Sustainability in Action: Fischer Farms

Given that food constitutes a significant aspect of our operations and contributes significantly to our environmental impact, we understand the importance of sourcing from local, sustainable providers. In partnership with regenerative farms like Fischer Farms, we are working to reverse climate change while also providing delicious, top-quality products.

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Why Colleges Must Take Meaningful Action to Fight Climate Change

With the pressing issue of climate change, college students possess a unique opportunity to take action and mitigate its impacts. At Sodexo, we are proud to partner with college campuses to help fight this battle together.

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Sodexo, only company in its sector to be A scored in CDP climate ranking

Sodexo has been recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for its climate leadership, earning an "A" score in the CDP's climate change assessment. This recognition marks a significant milestone in our journey to become the global leader in sustainable food and valued experiences.

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Reducing Food Waste

We have an aggressive target to cut our food waste: 50% at 85% of our U.S. sites by 2025. Our WasteWatch by Leanpath program is the strongest tool in our arsenal — an easy-to-use scale system that tracks and measures all kitchen food waste, providing reports and best practice recommendations. We also focus on repurposing and donating our extra food, which supports our commitment to feeding hungry people.

WasteWatch by Leanpath Leads to Real Sustainability Success

We go beyond just measuring food waste. With our WasteWatch program, we're simplifying the process for our operators and frontline staff to identify its sources and empowering everyone involved to mindfully minimize those practices.

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Real-World Success Story Featured on K-12 Food Rescue Podcast

Registered Dietitian Brittany Gage, working with the Billings Public Schools, shares the remarkable successes and her passion for their food waste program. She not only implemented the program effectively but also fostered engagement among employees across a large school system.

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Sodexo and Stop Hunger create free food donation guide

At Sodexo, we are deeply committed to minimizing food waste and helping our communities. In collaboration with our Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, we’ve created a Food Recovery and Donation Guide to help businesses and organizations repurpose their unused food to those in need.

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Promoting Plant-Based Plates

We’re excited about the growing demand for plant-based foods and its potential impact on carbon emissions. Sodexo Healthcare is committed to making 33% of our dishes plant-based by 2025; in our Campus segment, we’ll shift 50% of planned entrées to plant-based. And 100% of U.S. consumers are offered healthy options every day. From hospitals to offices, K-12 schools to universities, our chefs prove plant-forward eating is healthy and enticing.

Emphasizing Healthier Food in the Big Apple

Our Powering Human Care podcast explores various health- related topics, covering nutrition, exercise, mental health, and wellness initiatives. This episode delves into how making healthy food choices and adopting better eating habits can enhance overall well-being.

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Sodexo's 2024 Culinary Report

The Sodexo Culinary Report is a comprehensive exploration of global culinary trends and innovations, showcasing the creativity and dedication from our chefs around the world. Through captivating stories and insightful analysis, it offers valuable insights for culinary professionals to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and enhance their offerings.

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Embracing Plant-Based Diets for Heart Health

Making the shift towards a plant-based diet for heart health doesn’t have to be drastic change. Sodexo dietarian and mom of two, Meredith Hesselein, provides practical tips and recommendations to make plant-powered eating an exciting and accessible journey for children.

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Our Sustainability Stars

Love the Planet, Feed Hungry People

We’re committed to fighting food insecurity in the communities we serve, where Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Foundation benefits 4.8 million hungry Americans every year. Learn more about Stop Hunger’s Love the Planet Food Drive, in honor of Earth Month.

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