EMORY, Va. (February 2, 2024) – Sodexo, a global food services and facilities management leader and Emory & Henry College, located in Emory, VA, have entered a 10-year partnership to bring a best-in-class facilities management program to campus beginning in the spring of 2024.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional services, Sodexo will be responsible for managing a wide range of facility-related functions, contributing to the efficiency of Emory & Henry College facilities where Sodexo has provided dining services for fifteen years.

"We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership with Sodexo brings to Emory & Henry. The seamless integration of dining and facilities management services ensures a holistic approach to enhancing our campus environment, contributing to our goals of recruitment and retention," said John W. Wells, President for Emory & Henry.

“We believe transparency and integrity have been key to our partnership,” said Tom Dorer, Sodexo Regional Vice President. “Sodexo is honored to embark on this journey with Emory & Henry and is committed to delivering exceptional facilities management services that align with the college's vision for a thriving campus community.”


About Emory & Henry College, soon to be University

Located in the Highlands of Virginia, Emory & Henry has devoted itself since 1836 to the belief that education can have a transformative effect on an individual, a place and ultimately the wider world. Inspired by the motto “Increase in Excellence,” the first faculty challenged students to grow and develop intellectually, spiritually and physically. More than 1,100 live or commute to campus with recent spikes in enrollment due to adding D2 sports, a new School of Business and Nursing, a one of a kind outdoor program in the United States featuring a semester on the AT for credit. Graduates from the Class of 2023 had jobs or were accepted into graduate programs at a 95% placement rate through the “Career Readiness Promise” of the acclaimed van Vlissingen Career and Professional Development Center.


About Sodexo North America

Sodexo North America is part of a global, Fortune 500 company with a presence in 45 countries. Sodexo specializes in sustainable food service and valued experiences, in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam, at every moment in life: learn, work, heal and play. Additionally, the company indirectly supports additional jobs through its annual purchases of goods and services from small to large businesses. Sodexo North America is committed to meeting the challenges of everyday life with a dual goal: to improve the quality of life of our employees and those we serve, and contribute to the economic, social and environmental progress in the communities where we operate. Our purpose is to create a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all.

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