Plant-Based Takeovers: Tackling Climate Change with the Humane Society

Published on : 9/28/22
  • As part of our company-wide efforts to reduce carbon emissions and align with growing consumer demand for plant-based foods, Sodexo Campus has committed to shifting 42% of entrées on planned Campus menus into plant-based options by 2025. 

    This shift has been inspired, in part, by our close and ongoing partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Sodexo Campus and HSUS collaborate on a host of plant-based initiatives, from recipe development to bespoke culinary training programs, so that our frontline campus teams are empowered to confidently execute our corporate commitments.

    In this report, we invite clients and other stakeholders to take a deeper dive into the HSUS-partnered plant-based culinary training programs taking place across Sodexo Campus sites.

    Download our report for a sneak peek at the innovative recipes, flavors and dining room takeover events that are getting students excited about plant-based foods. 

    Download the report