Infection Rates Plummet at Altru Health System

At the end of 2017, Altru Health System, a regional owned integrated system, found itself facing a standardized infection ratio (SIR) of 1.26 and saw a large opportunity to improve hospital acquired C. diff infection rates. Administration knew something had to be done.

As an independent health system in a rural area, Altru required the assistance of a partner with broad and deep resources to make a significant and immediate impact. Sodexo’s success with Altru’s Food and Nutrition Services, beginning in 2013, encouraged the system to explore a partnership with Environmental Services (EVS).

After ending 2017 with a 1.26 SIR for hospital acquired C. diff and starting 2018 with a 1.4 SIR, Sodexo’s people, processes and technology – including the revolutionary Protecta program – reduced that number to 1.19 for the second half of 2018. Through four months of 2019, Sodexo is on pace to reduce hospital-acquired C. diff infections by 76% as compared to 2018. That puts Altru at a 0.48 SIR for C. diff infections and Sodexo expects even better results moving forward.

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