Cultivating Change for a Greener Future

Published on : 4/6/24
  • rose face.jpgName: Rose Forrest
    Title: Sustainability Coordinator MA, CT & RI
    Segment: Universities
    Years with Sodexo: 14
    Areas of expertise: Culinary, Sustainability

    Meet Rose Forrest, Sodexo's Sustainability Coordinator for Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, specializing in the university segment. With 14 years of dedicated service to Sodexo, Rose is a passionate advocate for sustainability and culinary excellence. Through her leadership and innovative initiatives, Rose is driving meaningful change and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come. Let's dive into Rose's journey, her impactful projects and her vision for a healthier planet for all.

    Interviewer: What drives your passion for CSR and sustainability work?

    Rose Forrest: I grew up in a very urban part of New York, but with the little bit of land we had, it was important to my family to grow and preserve food as well as hike, camp and forage. We’d make trips to the Adirondacks and spent weeks backpacking. I think growing up in a household with my grandparents who lived through the Depression influenced the way my family viewed food, community and nature. Those principles, instilled early on, shaped my views and sparked a passion for sustainability.

    Interviewer: What is the most satisfying or impactful CSR project you’ve worked on?

    Rose Forrest: Recently, I have been working with the Universities in New England and helping our teams develop food donation programs. All accounts are now paired with a food rescue. Real data has started to come in and we can see who is receiving food donations, how much and how often. It’s helping people in multiple communities and helping families put food on the table as well as reducing food waste. These food rescue initiatives have yielded tangible results, providing much-needed support to communities while simultaneously reducing food waste. The real-time data generated from these programs not only quantifies the impact but also guides future efforts to make a meaningful difference. 

    Interviewer: How can Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Commitments help our clients reach their sustainability goals?

    Rose Forrest: Sodexo's Better Tomorrow Commitments are instrumental in assisting clients in achieving their sustainability objectives. Our Net Zero targets and commitments align with many of our clients' targets as well. We work within our client sites to reduce carbon emissions through menu innovation, energy-efficient equipment and waste reduction initiatives. By collaborating and aligning with clients on goals, ideas and projects, Sodexo empowers them to make significant strides toward a more sustainable future.

    Interviewer: What should companies be doing to truly move us toward a healthier planet?

    Rose Forrest: Companies should be taking an honest look at their environmental impact and actively seeking ways to enact positive change. The key lies in taking actionable steps toward sustainability. By prioritizing sustainability efforts, companies can contribute to a healthier planet and inspire others to follow suit. We all must start someplace, but the important thing is to start.