New Sodexo Podcast Talks Honestly About Health Equity

Published on : 3/14/23
  • Advancing health equity isn’t just a hot topic in healthcare, it’s a reality healthcare workers are facing every day.

    In this inaugural episode of Powering Human Care, the new podcast from Sodexo Healthcare, Cordialis Msora discusses her firsthand experiences as an accomplished and compassionate leader within the health, wellness and food industries, addressing health equity in a fresh and informed way.

    Hosted by Sodexo’s Chief of Client Retention and Strategy David Gillan, the fascinating conversation is infused with Cordialis’ personal health journey as immigrant to the United States from Africa, which has inspired her passion as a registered dietitian nutritionist for powering human care for all people.

    Candid, enlightening and packed with information you can use, this episode of Powering Human Care explores:

    • What we’ve learned based on the past and present impact of disparities within healthcare, and how this information can inform our solutions for the future; 
    • The social determinants of health and how to be a champion for enabling equal access to healthcare;
    • The importance of food access and culturally inclusive nutrition information and programs;
    • How to continue making progress toward health equity while combatting inflation and the increased costs of labor and supplies; and
    • Most importantly, concrete ways healthcare workers can take action to help improve healthcare for people of all races, cultures and ethnicities.


    Through this open dialogue, we’re expanding the definition of healthy communities and exploring the real and lasting ways we can increase opportunities for everyone to live their healthiest lives possible —no matter who they are, where they live or how much money they make.

    Want to help give everyone a fair shot at being healthy? 

    Listen now to “Health Equity: The Triple Burden of Malnutrition” wherever you access your podcasts.

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