How Do You Improve Patient Experience? Listen.

Published on : 8/1/23
  • The patient experience is paramount in the healthcare journey, and hospitals are investing more time and resources into understanding each patient's unique needs and developing an individualized care experience. In the latest episode of the Sodexo Healthcare podcast, Powering Human Care, host David Gillan talks to Gary Tomcik, a 35-year healthcare veteran about Experiencia, Sodexo’s patient rounding platform changing the way patients experience their care.

    The patient experience sets the tone for the entire healthcare journey. Once admitted, the care provided by the hospital's team is integral to shaping patient perceptions and satisfaction. Traditionally, hospitals relied on patient satisfaction surveys conducted months after the patient's visit, making it challenging to react promptly and proactively improve their services. 

    Sodexo took on the challenge of creating its own platform, with the goal of understanding patient perceptions in real time and using this information to deliver the best possible experience for each patient. Experiencia, which has been installed in 500 sites in the U.S. and 200 sites in Europe, offers valuable insights into patient journeys, allowing caregivers to address concerns and feedback immediately. By conducting purposeful rounding, Sodexo teams can focus on patients who need attention the most and tailor interactions based on typical service-related issues. This real-time approach empowers hospitals to be proactive, identifying potential problem areas and implementing solutions before they escalate.

    In the episode, Tomcik addresses the following:  

    • The functionality of the Experiencia platform  
    • Who the tool is primarily designed for  
    • The technology behind it 
    • How Experiencia is different from other patient rounding tools  
    • Tangible ways the platform is driving results for hospitals 
    • The role of AI within the platform 


    Powering Human Care Experiencia Tomorrow's Insights Today with Gary Tomcik

    Tune in to episode 6 of Powering Human Care and discover how your facility can leverage real-time insights to create an even stronger patient experience. 

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