Emphasizing Healthier Food in the Big Apple

Published on : 1/29/24
  • Food choices play a crucial role in building a healthier lifestyle. 

    In the latest episode of the Powering Human Care podcast from Sodexo Healthcare, we focus on New York City's proactive efforts to address community health. Kate MacKenzie, Executive Director of the New York City Mayor's Office of Food Policy, joins the conversation with host David Gillan.

    The pair discuss the impact of diet and nutrition on one's health. MacKenzie stresses the need to challenge existing norms, making healthy food an essential part of living well. She cites Mayor Eric Adams' personal journey in overcoming health challenges by changing his eating habits.

    In this episode of Powering Human Care, we explore: 

    • How zip codes influence health outcomes
    • The city’s ambitious goal to increase life expectancy and how COVID-19 played a part
    • How plant-based meals in public hospitals are moving the needle for these goals


    We also discuss the importance of making the healthy choice an easy choice for all New Yorkers, and how the city is partnering with the private sector for the health of all New Yorkers.

    Listen to this episode for practical steps and success stories that can inspire your communities to adopt similar well-being initiatives.

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