It’s not just academics that draw students to campus, it’s also the student experience. Prospective students consider things like the campus condition, dining, athletics, housing, sustainability efforts, and technology when deciding where to attend school. Students want to feel comfortable, and parents want to know their child is being well taken care off. Sodexo delivers the quality of life services that create the experience students expect.

Exceptional Campus Experiences

Our New Evolutionary Mindset

We have developed an evolutionary mindset, deep consumer insights, and a range of innovative services to create dynamic food, hospitality, and facilities management programs that align with modern campus’s needs.

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Culinary Innovation and Responsibility

Campus dining has evolved. Our culinary teams blend art and science, data and design, to exceed the expectations of Gen Z’s foodie culture. Our menus are designed with only the best ingredients, using each plate to make a positive impact and are accessible by new technology like menu apps and delivery robots.

Food is More Than Recipes

Elevating the Guest Experience with Mobile Technology

Bite for Universities is a loyalty-driven digital experience that offers seamless, personalized access to all elements of campus life with features like contactless payment, mobile ordering, table reservations, news feed, and menu filters for your dietary needs. Bite for Universities meets Gen Z where they already are: their phone.

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Fuel your Athletes, Build a Passionate Fan-Base

By providing nutrition to U.S. Marines, Tour de France, and Olympic Villages, we know how to fuel high-performing bodies. Our 360-degree athletic approach goes beyond food, prioritizing community connection and environment because mental health is as important as physical health to peak performance. Your athlete’s experiences, in turn, create die-hard fans, life-long memories, and school pride.

Choose The Circuit to Fuel, Equip, and Connect Your Student Athletes

Not Just Clean, Peace-of-Mind Clean

Protecting the health and safety of everyone on campus is our top priority. Reassuring anxious students, parents, faculty, and staff that the campus environment is safe is paramount to a resilient community. Sodexo is equipped with an evidence-based infection control program that uses proven technology, training, innovative chemicals, and testing to deliver a carefully disinfected environment.

Innovative cleaning solutions for college campuses

Elevate your Campus Look and Feel

Beautiful archways, ivy-covered halls... classic American universities have one thing in common: older buildings. We help you stay on top of facilities management using new technologies and experienced on-site repair experts. Doing so will create campus grounds and buildings that attract guests to campus and create a comfortable learning environment for all.

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Make Campus an Exceptional Place to Be

College life is full of great memories: your first dorm, fun with roommates, cramming for a test, getting the paper in with minutes to spare. Prospective students research their housing choices before they ever step foot on campus. Make critical decision points like a friendly atmosphere, food options, technology and livability front and center so your campus housing is the most attractive option.

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Delicious Options for Guests with Food Allergies

Every year campuses see more and more students arrive with food allergies or intolerances. These students and their parents want the comfort of a safe dining experience and need to trust that there are options to accommodate their dietary needs. Our Simple Servings concept is the solution, serving fresh, flavorful menus free of the top 8 allergens that satisfy our guests every day.

Add Simple Servings to Your Dining Hall

Host the Most Memorable Conferences, Camps and Lectures

Extend your reach beyond college students and keep the energy on campus all year long by utilizing empty buildings for events for anything from summer camps to business retreats. Not only can we book events through our nationwide network, we take care of every detail, so you don’t have to. From microphone checks and way-finding signage to catering, generating additional revenue is easy.

Increase revenue with campus conferencing

A proactive approach to reaching your master plan

Optimized lifecycles for infrastructure and campus assets, maintenance and investment costs, and improved availability of all equipment and installations on campus can all be easily mismanaged. You need a partner that has perfected a focused approach to managing technical maintenance and asset lifecycle activities in a coordinated manner while maximizing the value and utility of campus assets.

Strategic Assets Management by Sodexo

delivery bots

Use Technology to Run Campus More Smoothly

Campus is ready for the next tech wave.  We bring creative technologies to help you go beyond emails and internet to truly innovate the learning and living experience for your students. For example, watch our delivery bots in action, bringing meals to hungry students.

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3 Things

Driving E-Commerce on the Post-Pandemic Campus

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Did you know?

44 Sodexo clients are ranked in the Top 200 U.S. Universities.