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A group of students walking through campus


Giving Students the Tools to Succeed

Academics play a big role in prospective students’ decision on which college or university to attend. But what about the student experience? Oftentimes, the dining program, athletics, sustainability efforts, and technology are evaluated. Students want to feel comfortable, and parents want to know that their child is being well taken care off. After all, this will be their “home away from home” for the next four years.

Go Above and Beyond

student taking photo with phone of a delicious meal

Cultivate Future Foodies

Locally-sourced grass-fed burgers and gluten free granola, a menu app and delivery robots, seating designed to promote community - the dining hall has evolved. While the right nutrition fuels learning, campus dining services heavily impacts a student’s experience. We blend art and science, data and design, to meet and exceed the expectations of the tech savvy, always connected, Gen Z.

Innovate your Campus Dining

College student smiling with parents

Make it an Exceptional Place to Be

You never forget college life...your first dorm, first roommate, pulling all-nighters, getting the paper in with minutes to spare. With costs going up, prospective students are doing research to narrow their choices before they ever step foot on campus. Make critical decision points like a friendly atmosphere, food choice, technology and livability front and center.

Learn about our approach to Student Living

athletes sitting on a sports bench

Fuel your Athletes, Build an Enviable Fan-Base

Providing nutrition to the U.S. Marines, Tour de France, and Olympic Villages, we know how to fuel high-performing bodies. Our 360 degree approach goes beyond food, prioritizing community connection and environment, because mental health is as important as physical health to peak performance. Creating great athletes also creates die-hard fans, life-long memories, and school pride.

Choose The Circuit for your athletic eco-system

Students walking down a vaulted hallway

Elevate your Campus Look and Feel

Beautiful archways, ivy-covered halls...the classic universities of America have one thing in common: older buildings. We help you stay on top of maintenance and move your buildings, as well as the learning environment, to the leading edge with new technologies and experienced on-site repair experts.

Learn about Comprehensive Campus Care

Lecture hall with spotlight on speaker

Host the Most Memorable Conferences, Camps and Lectures

Extend your brand beyond college students and keep the energy on campus all year long by utilizing empty buildings for events. Not only can we book events through our nationwide network, we take care of every detail so you don’t have to. From microphone checks and way-finding signage to catering, generating additional revenue is easy.

Increase revenues with Campus Conferencing

2018 Trends Report

For Universities

We know this generation is always connected on their phone, but what else do we know? Download the report.



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44 Sodexo clients are ranked in the Top 200 U.S. Universities.

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