Chase Center on the Riverfront: Where Love and Tradition Come Together

Published on : 5/29/24
  • Whether it's the colorful attire, the energetic singing and dancing, or the timeless rituals, an Indian wedding is an unforgettable celebration of love, family, and culture. The level of detail and complexity that goes into planning these multi-day events requires a truly dedicated event team with a deep understanding of tradition. Chase Center on the Riverfront, Sodexo Live! partner and a highly sought-after wedding venue in the Northeast, is known for creating unforgettable South Asian celebrations for families and guests.

    The Perfect Venue

    Chase Indian 1.jpgChoosing the perfect venue for an Indian wedding is pivotal, setting the tone for the entire celebration. Nestled just 45 minutes from Philadelphia and a two-hour drive from Washington and New York City, Chase Center offers a prime location that is both accessible and convenient. Julie Shaw, Sodexo Live!'s Sales Manager, emphasizes, "Our location is a dream for international guests, with major airports nearby, ensuring a smooth journey from every corner of the world to our venue."

    Families hosting their weddings at Chase Center have a significant advantage: exclusive use of the entire building. Depending on the complexity and labor required, setting up decor for various ceremonies can take up to 8 hours or longer. The flexibility of not being confined to one room is a game-changer. Julie Shaw, Chase Center's dedicated Director of Sales, emphasizes, "No other meetings or weddings are happening. You can use one area for the reception, one area for your Mehndi, one area for the ceremony, and another space for your cocktail reception. Our guests have access to every nook and cranny of this building and our staff's full attention and dedication." The contemporary design and expansive, airy high ceilings provide brides with a versatile, open space, allowing limitless creative opportunities and personalized touches.

    Bringing Visions to Life

    Chase Indian 4.jpgThe initial meeting is dedicated to understanding the bride's vision. Julie explains, "I take the time to listen and understand what they envision for their special day.  80% of the time, I've done something similar and know how to bring their vision to life." This collaborative approach ensures that the bride's vision is respected and realized within their budget, fostering a sense of trust and understanding. "This personalized approach sets us apart and makes every wedding here a truly memorable experience."

    From there, the planning truly begins. The team works with vendors to bring the vision to life, focusing on the entire space's aesthetics and the events' flow. Chase Center's prime location allows brides to partner with some of the country's best caterers who specialize in the rich and diverse flavors, textures, and aromas that represent the essence of Indian cuisine. The Chase Center also works with top local vendors from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, including florists, entertainers, bakeries, and decorators, to add bespoke touches to events. Their in-house audio-visual company, part of the largest in the country, has handled everything from Super Bowls to superstar concerts nationwide, ensuring weddings at Chase Center are a visually stunning and unforgettable experience.

    Chase Indian 5.jpgPart of the Family

    For the team, the most rewarding part of every Indian celebration is the lasting relationships they build. "Sometimes, we work with families for two years before their wedding." This commitment to building connections makes Chase Center more than just a venue. "I can walk through the cocktail reception of a wedding and see a bride from a year ago or an uncle who attended a wedding two weeks prior, and they welcome me like family."