Meet Owl's Brew Co-Founder Maria Littlefield

Published on : 3/15/24
  • littlefield2.jpgWomen entrepreneurs are increasingly gaining ground in traditionally male-dominated industries. Still, only 24% of women and 4% of women of color hold C-suite positions in the North American wine, beer, and spirits industry. Maria Littlefield and Jennie Ripps, founders of Owl's Brew, are pushing boundaries and crafting natural boozy beverages using nothing but the best ingredients. We spoke with Maria about disrupting the industry while also advocating for gender equality and inspiring the next generation of female entrepreneurs. 

    Interviewer: Share the story of how Owl's Brew was hatched.

    Littlefield: We were tired of the same old cocktails, often with an unpleasant aftertaste and loaded with artificial flavors and sugar substitutes. We decided to take matters into our own hands and create something truly unique. With Jennie's tea expertise and our commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients, Owl's Brew was born in 2013.

    Interviewer: What has been your experience breaking ground in this industry?

    Our journey wasn't without its challenges. I vividly remember our first distributor meeting, where we were the only women in a room full of men. It was a stark reminder of the gender disparity in our industry. But we didn't let that discourage us. We knew we had a unique product and a mission to change the game. And that's exactly what we're doing.

    We are thrilled to partner with Sodexo Live! to introduce more people to a better, cleaner, more delicious way to consume cocktails. The collaboration allows us to offer our innovative beverages to a broader audience, explore new opportunities, and create a more meaningful impact on the market. I know this partnership will lead to great things!

    Interviewer: What other steps do you take to empower women?

    At Owl's Brew, we're not just about crafting great beverages. We're also about making a difference. That's why we launched the Wise Women Collective, a platform dedicated to amplifying women's voices and addressing the lack of representation in our industry. We're proud to support Women's Voices for the Earth and Keep A Breast and to collaborate with Penguin Random House for our Boozy Book Club, where we celebrate the works of talented female authors.

    Interviewer: Women today own about 36% of all small businesses. What advice do you have as more women become entrepreneurs?

    One of our mentors told me that every overnight success is ten years in the making. Make sure whatever you're doing is a passion and something you want to build for a long time. It's a journey. You just have to make sure you love the journey you're on.