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Vending, Office Coffee and Micromarkets

Whether a 9-5 workplace or 24/7 campus or hospital setting; Sodexo provides a number of ways to provide much needed breaks and quick, nutritious snacks on the go. From traditional vending machines to the latest in micromarket technology and environments, Sodexo is ready to partner with you.

Sodexo provides innovative solutions that will refresh, refuel and recharge your employees, students and customers. We help you to transform your workspace, creating an environment where your employees can get a high-quality cup of coffee to start their day; a satisfying, healthy meal to fuel their afternoon; or pick up a few items from a micromarket to take home with them to save a trip after work.

Our programs include:

Go Above and Beyond

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Our state-of-the-art vending experience is similar to purchasing goods online, allowing users to purchase multiple items at once via easily utilized shopping cart features and cashless payment options. We use multiple proprietary tools to determine local preferences and ideal product placement, ensuring that your users get the healthy, delicious, fresh snacks they crave.

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Office Coffee and Refreshments

With increasing demand for world-class coffee experiences, your breakroom and pantry amenities are more than just perks. They are a must-have convenience that your employees use to manage their busy schedules and regain energy and focus. Sodexo can help in every facet of office coffee and refreshments from breakroom design and high-quality products to ever-ready customer service.

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Transform your workplace, facility or campus with a Sodexo micro market. We work with you to build a unique space for your employees, students or visitors to relax, recharge and center themselves. Our scalable, customizable micro markets provide an exceptional retail experience, offering the speed of self-checkout, with the freshest, most craveable snacks on the market.

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