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Watch School Nutrition Partnership In Action

The best way to understand how a successful dining program can be nourishing, popular and cost-effective is to see it first-hand. Come along with us on a virtual tour of a school district where our partnership thrives. 




In Hendry County Schools, Florida, the food service program was faltering. It was managed in-house and suffered from decreasing student participation and increasing amounts of uneaten food and food waste. So, school leaders decide to partner with Sodexo. 

“Sodexo came in with something new for the kids, something different,” said food service worker Carol Rivers. “They love it.”

In fact, students love the quality and selection so much that participation has spiked by about 16 percent, with workers serving about 4,000 more meals per week than the previous year. 

Increased participation isn’t the only benefit. The Sodexo team retained all the previous in-house employees and created 30 new jobs.

One food service manager who had been with Hendry County for 25 years, said after Sodexo partnered with the schools she saw immediate, positive changes: More employee training, tailored menus and a collaborative approach. 

“I would not wish to go back to doing it in-house ever again,” said District CFO  Michael Yanosik.

No longer are his educators trying to manage a food service operation, but instead the program is successful and his educators can concentrate on what they do best: Educate.

Learn more about how Sodexo Schools Services can collaborate with your schools to support your students, educators and employees.

March 05, 2020

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