Healthcare Environmental Services (EVS) & Housekeeping Week, September 10-14, is our industry's opportunity to showcase, honor and recognize all that our EVS team members do ensure facilities remain healthy, safe and clean for patients, visitors and staff alike. EVS helps healthcare organizations control the spread of pathogens, maintain clean and sanitary conditions and equipment, and live up to their commitment of upholding the highest standards of patient safety and well-being. We recognize that the work our EVS teams do is mission-critical and the contributions they provide cannot be understated. 

This week - and throughout the year - we celebrate our EVS teams. Here are just a few impressive Environmental Services team members. 


Chanel Mitchell Sodexo EVS Chanel Mitchell

Chanel Mitchell is the operations manager for the Environmental and Transportation Services department at Mountainside Medical Center in Montclair, New Jersey. Since joining the Mountainside team in August 2019, Chanel has achieved much success. She has surpassed expectations in various metrics that impact all areas of the organization including environmental service turn around improving to the top 25th percentile for 7 consecutive months and transport improving to the top 26th percentile for 3 consecutive months. 

“Chanel is an asset to our organization,” shared James Powell, assistant administrator at Mountainside Medical Center. “She makes sure to get the job done well every time, and I am confident that she will continue to achieve great things in the future.” 



Chelsey BrooksSodexo EVS Chelsey Brooks

Chelsey is the EVS team lead at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, New York. Chelsey demonstrates an incredibly strong understanding not only of the critical role environmental services plays in keeping patients and staff safe and healthy, but also of the importance collaboration and cohesion amongst her team. Even within Blythedale’s bustling environment, Chelsey never misses a beat always going the extra mile to provide seamless service with exceptional energy.

“I view every task as a chance to do my best work. After all, working in EVS means doing a good job isn’t just about a personal accomplishment, it’s about showing you understand the impact EVS work has on others reflection of your pride in the profession.”



Laura Ivy and Ana RodriguesSodexo EVS Laura Ivy Ana Rodrigues

Laura Ivy and Ana Rodrigues are the general manager and operations/custodial manager respectively at Driscoll Children’s Health (DCH) facility in Corpus Christi, Texas. Since 2008, both Laura and Ana have worked together along with their respective EVS teams to manage the large 220 bed main DCH facility as well as support 4 additional outlying clinical facilities. Laura and Ana are adept at understanding the specialized approach to EVS that comes when working with children and their families. They themselves not only demonstrate an unwavering commitment and unmatched sense of team spirit, but they also instill these characteristics into their team members.

“Management of the EVS teams at DCH is a uniquely rewarding experience. We get to regularly experience how the hard work and dedication to our EVS teams plays a role in the health and healing of children from all walks of life.”



Suhaill SandovalSodexo EVS Suhaill Sandoval.png

Suhaill Sandoval is an EVS attendant at LMCP. Since beginning her career in EVS, she has been widely recognized for the contagious enthusiasm and perpetually positive outlook that accompany her in everything she does. In addition, her unrelenting support of other teams throughout the hospital continuously proves pivotal in ensuring seamless service is provided patients and visitors alike.

“I really try to fully embrace each day as an EVS attendant as a new adventure and a new opportunity to make a difference through my work. As an EVS attendant, I have the power to forge connections, uplift spirits, foster a sense of community, support my fellow team members, and so much more. This work has the power to transform and I’m grateful for that.”