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Sodexo Internship Program

Paid interns are offered in full-time summer or part-time spring sessions in areas of focus including: 

Why Sodexo?

Hands-On Project Experience

Sodexo Future Leaders have excelled in the classroom and are ready to gain experience in the workplace. You’ll have exposure to operating areas across the business and gain experience with hands-on projects. Make a real business impact and finish prepared for a future management position.

Mentor Program

During your internship, you’ll be matched with a Sodexo manager who represents a variety of diverse backgrounds and interests, who will help you explore the limitless career paths available to you at Sodexo.

Professional Development

Besides hands-on project experience, you’ll have access to one-hour webinars that cover topics like employee networks and getting the most of your MENTOR relationship, negotiating a job offers and post-college strategies.

Make an Impact

Everything we do at Sodexo is about improving people’s quality of life. Whether you’re interacting with patients, students, or consumers, you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact every day.

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