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About Us

Supplier Diversity Strengthens Us All

We believe that diversity benefits us all in numerous ways. From ensuring greater equality and better ideas, to opening new markets and contacts, we work hard to build a workplace rooted in diversity, and in turn bring the best, and most equitable, to our clients.

A Real Commitment to Diversity

Our core values are not just written on a brochure, they are funded commitments that have staff accountable to tracking, reporting, and reaching public goals. For us, it is a very tangible vision, and this page will help you get connected by registering as a small and diverse supplier, and learning more about our values. We also support our internal team by providing a database to search small and diverse businesses.

How we do it: 

Sodexo publicly committed to having an inclusive supply chain around the world as part of our Better Tomorrow Plan.

We actively recruit diverse businesses, educate Sodexo employees on our contracting goals, and provide a database for registered and certified diverse and small businesses.

Sodexo annually tracks metrics defined by steering committees in each region. To support our local communities, we globally have committed to spend 25% of our purchases with SME businesses with a focus on local and diverse by 2025.

How We Work with Small and Diverse Suppliers

How We Define “Small and Diverse” Suppliers

51% or greater ownership by a U.S. citizen (and Puerto Rico) or Permanent Resident who identifies in these classifications: African American, Asian-Indian American, Asian-Pacific American, Disabled, Hispanic American, LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender), Native American, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned, Veteran-Owned, or Woman-Owned.

For Small and Diverse Businesses

We want to work with you! We are actively seeking small and diverse businesses to innovate and deliver the best to our clients. We have dedicated resources and staff to help you register and certify so that Sodexo employees can easily find and work with you.

Register With Us

Sodexo Joint Ventures Add Diversity

Sodexo is a 49% member of two joint ventures with minority-owned businesses that continue to promote and grow business. SodexoMAGIC is our joint venture with Magic Johnson Enterprises, an African American-owned company based in California. NANA Management Services (NMS) joint venture, a Native American-owned corporation based in Alaska.

How We Support Diverse Businesses Working with Sodexo

We have over 35 regional account managers, 6 Directors of Customer Support Service to assist our operations team in optimizing procurement, as well as a call center that is always available to answer any questions an operator may have.

$915 Mil

spent in 2018

22% of the total Sodexo spend is on purchases from diverse and small businesses.

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Kristine Al-Haris

Manager of Supplier Diversity

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