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Justice Business

Sodexo Justice. Working in partnership to enhance quality of life.

Sodexho Alliance (now Sodexo) began providing services to prisons in 1987 when it was invited by the Government of France to compete for a contract to provide services that would improve conditions for inmates. Since that time Sodexo has designed, built and provided justice services to encourage rehabilitation and improve the living environment.

Making a positive difference and changing lives for the better is what we do. As a justice services business, Sodexo has a formal company policy with ethical principles that determine where and how we provide services to prisons:

Our ethical principles guide our Justice Service business to ensure that we only provide services where we can make a positive difference to prisoners’ lives and where the country’s prison system matches our values. This means that, unlike our competitors, we will not operate or provide services to prisons in the United States, which is the largest private justice market in the world by some distance.
In 2001 Sodexo determined that its 8% investment in Correction Corporations of America (CCA) did not align with its strategic objectives and was in conflict with its policy. This led to Sodexo selling all its stock in CCA in May 2001.
As a multinational company, Sodexo is committed to promoting democratic values such as fundamental human rights and equal opportunity for everyone, irrespective of their origin or beliefs.  Within the prison, we provide a variety of services aimed at the successful rehabilitation of offenders, including prisoner and staff catering, education and skills development, healthcare, and more.
We also believe it’s important to help prisoners successfully reintegrate into society once they’ve served their terms.  Outside the prison environment, we support the effective reintegration of offenders into communities through a variety of support services ranging from drug and alcohol rehabilitation to accommodation services.
We also provide job training and other services including:

Sodexo fully manages only 6 prisons in the world on behalf of their state governments – 5 in the UK and one in Australia. In around 80 other prisons in Europe and Chile, Sodexo only provides food for staff and prisoners, maintenance and, in some cases, prisoner training/education/workshops (we do not profit from the work prisoners do).
Our experience shows that the outcome of prison and rehabilitation can be significantly improved, and that for many offenders a better life can lie ahead.

How can we help?

How Can We Help?

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