Dysphagia: Improving the Resident Experience

Published on : 2/24/22
  • Approximately 15 million adults in the U.S. have difficulty swallowing. Most of them are over age 60. 1 in 25 people will experience dysphagia at some point in their lifetime. And, of course, older adults with dysphagia are a 3-times greater risk of malnutrition. 

    To standardize the terminology of diets for adults experiencing dysphagia, the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) has been slowly rolling out across the healthcare community and, beginning in October 2021, IDDSI became the only texture modified diet recognized by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Nutrition Care Manual.  

    So, how can senior living communities stay at the cutting edge? 

    IDDSI Dysphagia Diet framework adoption and implementation is happening on a global scale. For Sodexo, this worldwide effort improves care and safety for people with dysphagia. In 2021, Sodexo Seniors adopted the IDDSI Dysphagia framework and began implementing the new guidelines. Now, we’re re-inventing even more menu options for residents.

    Improved Resident Experience

    Sodexo is committed to elevating the care experience for Seniors. With this lens, Sodexo RDNs and culinarians developed recipes for the least restrictive food and liquid modification, while emphasizing the visual appeal of the modified diets. The framework ensures that every resident, on a given level of the framework, receives consistent meal preparation and service.  

    Modified Recipes

    Leveraging the trends and resident preferences, we replicate the most popular menu items, with adaptations for modified-texture techniques. IDDSI diet recipes undergo extensive recipe testing and development under the direction of Sodexo registered dietitians. Our menus include recipes for three levels of the IDDSI framework, including levels Pureed, Minced & Moist, and Soft & Bite-Sized. 

    Training and Expertise

    Sodexo dietitians are recognized for leading the industry with their expertise in senior care. Through the IDDSI menus, and the extensive training program Sodexo teams experience, senior living communities are enhanced with the skilled staff, making the difference in the lives of residents.


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