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There’s More Than One Magic in SodexoMAGIC

SodexoMAGIC is named, of course, for Earvin "Magic" Johnson – the NBA Hall of Famer and philanthropist who partners with Sodexo to offer specialized food services and facilities management.
And, it also refers to our special mission to empower communities. “We are the communities we serve,” is more than a tagline. It’s an attitude shared by the 6,500 members of the SodexoMagic team.
You can see it in the Saginaw School District, where Johnson spoke at a fundraiser and donated $20,000 for student scholarships, encouraging others to do that same and securing $70,000 to help local students go to college.
You can see it in Washington D.C. Public Schools, where employees like Kevin Dyer, consider caring for students part of their jobs. 

“You never know what that child is going through,” Dyer, the cafeteria manager at Payne Elementary School said of the challenges many of his students face. “Healthy and nutritious meals are very important for these children; so they can be able to go and learn; so they can be productive in this world and be somebody.”

You can see it at the Toyota Motor North America headquarters where we hire and support adults with developmental disabilities. The team there was recognized with a 2019 Alliance Data Corporate Champion Award

The real reward, the SodexoMAGIC district manager said, came on-the-job. “These employees bring an unparalleled work ethic and watching them grow and blossom has changed the way our team works for the better."
See what SodexoMagic can do for your community.

February 26, 2020

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