RD Heroes at NYC Health + Hospitals

Sodexo Healthcare is proud to be a premier employer of Registered Dietitians (RD). With approximately 4,000 RDs in clinical, corporate, marketing, and leadership roles, dietetics infuse every aspect of Sodexo services. Our RDs on the frontlines provide clinical care of patients in acute, and non-acute, settings. These RDs have been challenged by COVID-19 like never before, right along with all of their nurse and physician colleagues. The play a critical role in the health and recovery of COVID-19 patients in and out of the hospital. At client NYC Health + Hospitals, three of our amazing dietitians have been highlighted:


Photo of Veronica SommerVeronica Sommer

Veronica Sommer uses nutrition as therapy to treat ICU patients, and in the face of COVID-19, her mission is no different. However, Veronica had to work with physicians and nurses to determine the best way to nourish patients in isolation, safely.

"In early March, one of the iCU attending physicians reached out to me to discuss nutrition needs for patients who were coming in. We knew it would be a challenge to feed them while keeping them in isolation, in negative pressure rooms and proning position. Treating a patient with COVID-19 is unique from other ICU patients. Our conversation became this interdisciplinary communication where recommendations from dietitians were discussed with doctors and nurses." - Veronica

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Photo of Arlene White-TuckerArlene White-Tucker

Arlene White-Tucker combats malnutrition from COVID-19, as well as the treatment itself. High fever means ensuring patients are getting plenty of fluids. Fighting infection requires consuming foods that are calorically dense and immune boosting. Being on a ventilator means tube feeding.

“I signed up to make sure people are healthy, nourished and get well. The desire to care for people is innate, and it’s just something within you. Dietitians work closely with a multidisciplinary clinical team and, when possible, we work directly with the patient, to sustain and maintain a good nutritional status.” – Arlene

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Photo of Monica SchmittMonica Schmitt

Monica Schmitt had the critical role of attempting to understand the novel virus. Her time was spent interpreting the changing nutrition research and processes, and determining how to apply the research.

“Nutrition plays a significant role in a patient’s recovery, so it is very gratifying knowing that the interventions we recommend helped to facilitate to get well.” – Monica

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