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Meet the Future of School Dining

Schools are on the front lines when it comes to Gen Z - how they dress, how they communicate and what they eat. That’s why we at Sodexo went right to the source to design a new and forward-focused menu. 




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We used retail practices to survey students across the country to find out both what they preferred on a menu and also how they would design their ideal lunch experience. We heard four words over and over again: Fun, Fresh, Friends and Flavor.

Those insights inspired us to create a menu with a name that reflects the four elements of the experience they want and that we are delivering: Taste4.

The Taste4 deli, grill and pizza stations feature traditional favorites, with a focus on freshness. At the same time, students can use a variety of ingredients and sauces to customize dishes, so they can have it just the way they like it when they sit down with friends. That ability to customize is important to a generation that is used to on-demand, personalization in every area of life. 

The menu also recognizes that current students have more sophisticated palates. We offer regular rotations of themed-dishes that reflect a variety of flavors from around the world and keep the menu fun and interesting. 

The choices don’t stop with flavor. We also have a grab & go section with freshly prepared salads and sandwiches for students and staff who want to decide when and where they’ll eat.

One thing that is not new in Taste4 is quality. Sodexo ensures the menu is USDA-compliant and our teams of chefs train extensively to deliver consistent, quality meals with efficiency. Some things never go out of style.

Learn out more about the popular Taste4 menu and other Schools services and let us know how we can work with you to deliver more fun, fresh, friends and flavor to your school. 

March 09, 2020

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