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college kids eating a meal

Positive Impact

Hunger 101

college kids enjoying a mealStereotypes of college students have them juggling a schedule of academics, activities and a very social life. If they’re hungry, we might think, it’s because they’re so busy. That, too often, is not reality.

Hunger on college campuses is a real problem. Research shows roughly one in three students skip meals regularly. It can be a matter of paying for books or paying for food.

So, Sodexo has joined Swipe Out Hunger to combat student hunger in a landmark partnership

“We have a shared understanding that if students are supported and their food insecurity is addressed, not only are their chances of graduating higher, but their chance for a changed life goes up,” wrote Swipe Out Hunger founder Rachel Sumekh.Swipe Out Hunger infographic

In the partnership’s first year, 25,000 meals will be served to food insecure college students across more than a dozen campuses.

The effort is part of Sodexo’s dedication to alleviating hunger. For more than a decade, the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has provided grants to students working on hunger solutions. (If you are devoted to a solution, apply here.)

Fighting hunger, whether on campus or in our community, is a cause we can all join.

20 actions to stop hunger infographic

November 22, 2019

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