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Chef G’s Mission

As a young boy growing up in Atlanta, Garry Garvin first learned to peel vegetables with his mother. Working with food soon grew into a passion as he joined teams in top kitchens, moved to Europe to hone his skills and then on to the West Coast. 

Now, known as Chef G. Garvin, he is a celebrity chef, host of Food Network shows, cookbook author and entrepreneur. He is also Chief Culinary Advisor to SodexoMAGIC.

That role is twofold: 

Garvin oversees SodexoMAGIC menus, influencing them with his simple, healthy approach - check out his recipe for Chicken Avocado Sliders

And, he uses his platform to inspire young people and introduce them to the opportunities offered by the culinary world.

With cooking demos, high-school cookoffs and support of apprenticeships among other efforts, Chef G’s work aligns with the SodexoMAGIC mission to support whole communities. 

“SodexoMAGIC allows me to be a part of a great company that truly speaks to the communities we serve,” he said. “And [it allows me to] develop the highest levels of service to those that might otherwise be overlooked.”

Learn more about how SodexoMagic and Chef G. Garvin can serve and inspire your community.

February 26, 2020

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