"What do you want to be when you grow up?"  A simple question with a complex answer in the Energy Industry.

With an aging workforce, industry leaders are asking “Who will power and supply the world tomorrow?”

Digital Natives

Generation Z, those born between 1995-2012 are just entering the workforce. They are a generation that's digital, diverse and value-driven.  As digital natives, they are the most connected generation to date. This technologically savvy group of people will be key to filling the jobs of tomorrow.

According to a 2019 survey by The Abu Dhabi National Oil company, math and science students worldwide are favoring careers in new technologies, biotech and medicine. So what can the energy industry do to attract the best and brightest?


Purpose Driven Truth Seekers

Sodexo serves over 100 million consumers everyday.  A large portion of our business is serving Generation Z  --at school, on campus and at the workplace. We have deep insights into what resonates with these up and comers.

In Sodexo Energy and Resources, we have applied this learning to help our clients attract and retain talent. As a generation who values authenticity, personalization, and purpose.  They are truth seekers, skeptical of corporate messaging. They want to engage with the world through content created by their peers, but especially content that aligns with their personal and professional values. Blog posts, Tweets, Instagram Stories, TikTok —whatever the content or platform, they need to see themselves fitting within the value proposition before engaging with the business or industry seeking them out.

Start With the Little Things

This challenge won’t be solved with quick fixes. But as a real estate or facility leader you can start to take small steps that turn values into actions:

  1. Authenticity. Truth is a feeling.

    Don’t underestimate the warmth of a welcoming smile, community connections and the value of bringing your whole self to work through an effective diversity, equity, and inclusion program.

  2. Personalization: Choice gives people a chance to find meaning.

    Whether it’s flexible hours, access to freshly brewed coffee, or deciding whether to work in the breakroom or at their desk, these seemingly small perks empower your workers to take ownership of their experience, making them happier. 

  3. Purpose: The “why” is as important as the “what.”

    Saying that you care will never resonate the same as showing it. Beyond large scale corporate initiatives, tangible activities to support employee wellbeing reinforce credibility with these emerging leaders.  The payoff for implementing simple changes in your facility management program, such as upgrading HVAC for indoor air quality and offering healthy foodservice options can be substantial—increased productivity, reduced risks and enhanced employee appreciation and engagement.

I’ve mentored a number of young engineers just entering the profession. They bring a different perspective than generations past. They are not sure about a career in oil and gas. said Stephanie Hertzog, CEO of Sodexo Energy and Resources. But it’s those critical thinking skills that our industry needs the most. We need a future workforce who is excited to innovate, solve complex challenges and make a long-term impact.

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November 17, 2021