The technology sector in the United States has seen a 633.1% increase in GDP from 2000 to 2020. That’s a seven-fold growth in two decades. 

With the energy transition in progress, many of our energy clients are looking towards the tech sector as a model for the future. The rapid growth, prestige and ability to change is an aspiration for these established companies. 

Out of the Box Partnerships 

What can energy companies learn from tech? New ways of approaching partnerships. 

Recently, Sodexo worked with our client, Chevron in supporting their transition to a new enterprise-wide technology system for facility management. It was a major undertaking to switch the platform and establish a new way of working but led to improved and consistent service levels, reduced cost and optimal data quality. 

The key to the success was selecting a software that allowed multiple systems to connect through APIs. Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows applications to talk to each other. This API-based tool allowed partners to connect, exchange data, enact seamless workflows, but most importantly keep the integrity and security of the system intact. 

For Sodexo, this meant that we could work in our own systems, then transfer the data back into the master platform. There was no need to train our people on new software, nor did the client have to take additional security risk. 

“This greatly simplified the process by having Sodexo team members accessing only their own technology. The integration detail between the two systems surfaced data that accelerated the client’s EAM (enterprise asset management) journey. The increased standardization supported data integrity and cybersecurity going forward. Having a firewall between the two companies reduced risk and increased trust in the partnership.”

– Tim Corneau, Vice President of Facility Management IS&T for North America who worked with the client on-site and consulting partners to ensure the technology connected

What can the energy industry learn from tech? That great platforms are stronger with partners.

Apps can be exchanged for Service Providers, like Sodexo, to magnify value for your company, the industry and the planet. 

October 28, 2021