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The “Model Minority” Myth and Its Implications

by Dave Kimball – Corporate Services North America & Executive Sponsor for Pan-Asian Network Group (PANG)

Last month, I saw a TV interview where the journalist referred to Asian Americans as “model minority.” The interviewee rapidly reminded viewers that Asian Americans are subject to significant disparities, in contrast to the “model minority” myth that they all are privileged with high paying jobs following attendance at prestigious universities.

This dangerous “model minority” status can lead to resentment, anti-Asian sentiment, and the influx of hate crimes we are seeing today. The hardships that this community is experiencing is inconceivable. Almost 3,800 hate crimes were reported to the Stop AAPI Hate center in almost one year (March 19, 2020 to February 28, 2021) and this number represents only a fraction of the total. More than half of these crimes are in the form of verbal harassment, with more than one third being experienced within business environment. It is noteworthy that women are 2.3 times more likely than men to report such crimes, yet many go unreported.

I am proud to work for Sodexo, an organization that stands in solidarity with our Asian Americans employees and communities. As a leader of Sodexo and Executive Sponsor of the Pan-Asian Network Group (PANG), I ask you to join our efforts and become an agent of change. We can start by educating ourselves about this issue, learning ways to intervene effectively and safely as an ally. Silence is not an option – we must speak up and do our best to dismantle the current anti-Asian sentiment!


Graphic: During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and beyond, let’s support our Asian Pacific American colleagues and friends. By raising our awareness, learning, and supporting one another we can become agents of change. We must stop the anti-Asian sentiment and violence against this community. #StopAsianHate - Husein Kitabwalla, CEO Service Operations North America, Executive Sponsor for Pan-Asian Network Group (PANG)


Graphic: During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, please join Sodexo in recognizing the rich heritage of Asian Pacific Americans that has shaped the history of the United States. We must break away from anti-Asian sentiment and stereotypes! Instead let’s highlight this community’s contributions and stories of challenges and triumphs. Dave Kimball, SVP Operations – Corporate Services North America, Executive Sponsor for Pan-Asian Network Group (PANG)

April 28, 2021

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