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Hospital worker cleaning equipment


Sodexo Healthcare Recognizes National Cleaning Week

Startling statistics reveal the importance of a strong cleaning strategy

The landscape of healthcare will be forever changed due to COVID-19. This pandemic will change the way people decide if, when, and how to seek medical treatment for ailments. The contagious nature of this virus, coupled with its ability to be transmitted via hard surfaces, placed an increased emphasis on environmental infection prevention and the need to ensure a clean hospital environment.

Cleaning and disinfecting are the essential measures to prevent healthcare-associated infections. And the risks HAIs present are enormous. For example, trauma patients with HAIs have between 1.5 and 1.9 times higher odds of mortality. Further, C. diff infections have been associated with a 9.3% mortality rate and MRSA bacteremia infections have been associated with a 31.5% mortality rate.

C. diff infections have been associated with a 9.3% mortality rate and MRSA bacteremia infections with a 31.5% mortality rate

Clearly, COVID-19 has demonstrated the need for a new approach to cleaning and disinfecting.

The answer is Protecta, Sodexo’s innovative approach to cleaning and disinfecting. Protecta combines Sodexo’s rigorous cleaning procedures with best-in-class chemicals that have been proven effective against COVID-19 and are in widespread use in hospitals to eliminate virus particles from surfaces. Protecta’s bundle of products breaks through biofilm, mitigates reductions in cross-contamination of clean areas, and has been proven effective at lowering HAIs while still efficiently managing labor costs. 

The results are clear. Hospitals that have implemented Protecta reported reductions in MRSA HAIs up to 70%, and C. diff HAIs up to 53% in just the first year. Now deployed across the country, we continue to see successful outcomes.

Protecta combines cleaning and disinfecting chemicals + tools + processes + training + IT applications

Patients are more aware than ever about pathogens in the air and on surfaces. With Protecta, they are afforded piece of mind. Our multidisciplinary staff are experts in their fields and partner with hospital teams to create a clean and disinfected facility for patients, staff, and visitors. Our Environmental Services teams become integral members of hospital staff—always visible and always willing to help. 

With Protecta, facilities are cleaned and disinfected with care and with attention to detail. Our teams lead with purpose, committed to improve clinical outcomes and to optimize healthcare performance. 

To learn more, visit our Protecta webpage.

March 29, 2021

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