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5 Tips To Stay Productive During the Coronavirus Quarantine

For many Americans, working from home is our current new reality thanks to COVID-19. Though some may have remote work mastered, others are making a sudden shift. And, even veterans may now be working among children and other family members.
Our Corporate Services experts have compiled five tips on how to manage the sudden shift away from the structure.

1. Create a dedicated workspace

Physical boundaries help both you and family members separate work and home. If you have the luxury of a separate space you can step into, close the door. Otherwise, cordon off a section of the room and use headphones to indicate when you’re at work and when you have a break to be available to others in the house.

2. Get dressed for work

You may have read this elsewhere and side-eyed it, but changing out of PJs does put us into a different, more proactive frame of mind. There’s no need to dress in formal work wear. Casual comfort is fine, as long as it’s appropriate for the video conference. 

3. Plan your time

Distractions are a constant when working from home. Stay on task by creating a schedule and sticking to it as much as possible. That means carving out breaks for lunch, a dog walk or a game of frisbee. The more realistic the schedule, the easier it will be to abide. 

4. Stay active

It’s all too easy to start falling out of good habits right now. If you don’t have to be at the office by 9 a.m., why wake up for the 7 a.m. run? If the gym is closed, why bother working out?

Because bad habits can quickly spiral out of control. Maintain your discipline by adjusting your exercise routine to the new reality. Take advantage of the access to the outdoors that you may not have while at the office.

5. Make good food choices

With the abundance of shelf-stable snacks you may have stocked up on, mindless snacking is all too easy. To keep energy and focus, try cooking or assembling simple, healthy lunches. Preparing a meal also provides a bit of a mental break and, if you are working in a full house, a fun family activity that you’d rarely get to enjoy otherwise.

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This article was originally published on sg.sodexo.com.


March 17, 2020

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