Thx for making my day

Thx :) for Making My Day! Your Dose of Positivity to Kick Off 2019

Published on : 1/9/19
  • It’s Sodexo’s mission to improve the Quality of Life of those we serve, and our amazing employees truly drive the culture of that we frequently talk about.

    This Fall, the Sodexo Universities team launched a new program that allows students to recognize frontline/hourly team members who are making each day a better day. Each month there is a national winner based on these nominations and the results have been incredible. In just two months there were over 1,800 nominations by students!

    I couldn’t possibly share 1,800 nominations in one blog post (even though I wish I could share them all), so here are some highlights from four different Sodexo frontline employees: 

    Thx for Making My Day

    Major UNE

    Aaron Illinois Welseyan U

    Malowa Missouri Kansas

    All this positivity is infectious and a perfect way to kick off 2019. To keep the good vibes going, we will be sharing more nominations throughout 2019 right on our Instagram page! Check it out now. 

    Oh, by the way, did you hit that “follow” button when you visited our page? If you did, you just made my day! If you didn’t, it’s not too late. Head back over to Instagram where you’ll get an insider look at what it’s like to be part of the Sodexo family where each day is a better day.