Pivoting During the Pandemic

Pivoting During the Pandemic: 3 Tips to Take Control of Your Career

Autumn Anderson
About the author : Autumn Anderson

Autumn began her career at Sodexo in 2013 as an Employment Brand Manager and has since advanced to become the Sr. Marketing Manager for Talent Acquisition. With a passion for storytelling and content creation, Autumn oversees the recruitment marketing strategy for her department and partners with her colleagues across the company to showcase the benefits of working for Sodexo along with the amazing work our teams are doing every day. Outside of her day job, you can find Autumn teaching yoga, coaching runners and taking long walks with her two dogs, Murphy and Stella.

Published on : 12/1/20
  • As we approach the new year while still enduring a global pandemic, it can be exhausting to think about career development and continuing your job search.

    However, if you shift your perspective just a bit, now is the perfect time to build yourself up for that next step when the opportunity presents itself.

    Staying at home and avoiding large gatherings can be tough, but there are some productive ways to pass the time – in between baking more bread and binging the latest TV show! Here are three activities you’re likely already familiar with that can be approached in a way that aligns with your current lifestyle:

    Develop Skills, Reevaluate Goals, Network Online


    Whether there are opportunities for professional development in your current job or you’re interested in expanding your skills through other avenues, there are an abundance of online classes, webinars, conferences and tutorials you can participate in. The best part? Because we are unable to gather in person for these types of events, there are more virtual sessions than ever before, and many of them are offering FREE or very low-cost registration. 

    To find out specific options in your field, you can join relevant LinkedIn and Facebook groups, search industry or organization websites, or simply run a web search to see what you can find.


    In addition to developing your skillset to prepare you for your next career move, this is also a great time to take a step back and reevaluate your goals based on your current work situation and the current state of the world. 

    Have you been itching to try something new or alter your career path? Now is a great time to do things like consider a new industry, one that may be thriving and in need of employees. For example, Sodexo’s Healthcare and Senior Living teams have continuously provided critical services throughout the pandemic. If you’re currently in an industry that has been hit hard by COVID-19, take the time to explore the world outside of your current bubble.


    While there’s a good chance you already have an online presence and engage in networking activities, the pandemic has forced a shift similar to conferences and events. While things may get back to the way they were at some point, it’s likely that virtual socialization is here to stay. 

    Because of this, it’s more important than ever to keep your online profiles updated and to get comfortable with connecting online. Many local networking groups that typically hold seminars and happy hours in person are now moving to a virtual setup, but you can also be proactive with opportunities that have always existed by joining relevant networking groups on social platforms, reaching out to folks on LinkedIn to have business conversations or simply nurturing the relationships you already have by scheduling online video meetups. 

    Of course, we all hope that things will vastly improve in 2021 but instead of waiting to see the direction the world goes, give yourself the gift of being proactive and setting yourself up for success so you can be ready to achieve all of your goals!