Technology will play a huge role in the resilient campus’s future. While many universities had technological improvements in their 3-5-year plan, they are now seeking solutions immediately due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And they need to know those solutions can be implemented flawlessly to aid in their social distancing and contactless service changes on campus.

Bite for Universities is a loyalty-driven digital experience that is ushering in the next generation of both mandatory and voluntary meal plans, and merges the economic underpinnings of the sharing, personalization, replenishment, and service business models.



Bite for Universities is a 100% self-sustained system with proprietary BitePay by Visa and is not reliant on campus card systems but is compatible with CBORD and Transact (Blackboard). This system allows us to create an engaging loyalty program for the 56% of mobile food application users that return to order because of the rewards.

One simple app is set to have a big impact on meal plans and campus cards by being a single resource for:

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