Survey Reveals What Workers Need to Thrive at Offshore Wind Farms

Published on : 1/19/24
  • In June 2023, Sodexo launched a satisfaction survey to identify offshore workers’ most important needs.

    • 16,000 offshore workers surveyed
    • 1,000+ U.S. offshore workers, of which 29% were under 35 years old
    • 13 countries
    • 164 global sites, including 10 sites in the U.S.

    Employees are the most crucial element of success during offshore wind farm construction and operation – but it’s often difficult to attract and retain enough talented people in such a challenging environment. Working at an offshore wind farm can be grueling. Long hours, physically demanding work and being far away from family all take a toll on employees.

    Sodexo is committed to improving workers’ lives and contributing to the success of the offshore wind farms we support. This commitment starts with understanding the issues that impact offshore employees so we can provide the resources that will truly make a difference in their lives.

    In summer 2023, we surveyed offshore workers to find out what they’re looking for in their workplaces and what services or resources on board would enhance satisfaction and help them thrive. We talked to workers at 164 sites across 13 countries, including more than 1,000 workers at 10 sites in the U.S. This fully digital survey was available in eight languages and used unique QR codes to capture responses. The results revealed a few common themes.

    What Offshore Workers Really Want

    The most crucial opportunity for improving the lives of offshore workers pertains to work-life balance, with 30% of employees expressing a need for support in balancing personal and professional time

    Isolation can be a serious issue for offshore wind farm workers, and there is a need for resources that help employees create connections and maintain relationships. Connecting with family more often is a major need for 23% of employees surveyed, while 8% of employees would like more opportunities to socialize with colleagues

    Offshore work is often physically challenging, making it essential to support employees’ health and well-being. Nearly one-quarter of workers want healthy foods and fitness resources to help them prioritize their well-being. Rest and recovery are also important: 10% of employees expressed a desire for designated quiet areas on board where they can relax and recharge.

    • Dining experiences
    • Staff resolution of issues
    • Ability to give feedback

    Raising the Bar for Offshore Workers

    Sodexo focuses on innovative ways to take care of offshore wind farm workers and meet all of their needs while on site. From healthy, satisfying foods to facilities management services that create a clean, comfortable environment, we’re committed to handling the day-to-day details so your employees can make the most of their personal time — whether that means relaxing, working out, connecting with loved ones or socializing with colleagues.

    Offshore wind farm workers face intense physical and mental demands, often working long days in harsh conditions. They need proper nutrition to ensure they have the energy they need to perform their best. Poor nutrition can contribute to workers feeling physically and mentally exhausted, leading to sluggishness and increasing the risk of injury.

    To ensure that offshore wind farm construction and operation workers have the resources and nutrition they need, Sodexo taps into the health and well-being insights of our NCAA and Minor League athletic programs, as well as the knowledge of our expert team of registered dietitian nutritionists. We aim to apply the same careful nutrition and recovery strategies used for athletes to help boost worker morale, productivity and performance at offshore operations.

    Sodexo Energy & Resources is committed to continuously improving our services to help offshore wind farms enhance efficiency, reduce costs and optimize operations. Our people genuinely care about the offshore workers we serve and strive to provide services and experiences that will make their lives better each day. From laundry and housekeeping to nutritious food and well-being resources, robust on-board services create the right conditions for employees to achieve that all-important work-life balance.

    What Do Offshore Workers Want?

    · 30% desire support in balancing personal and professional time
    · 23% want to connect with family more often
    · 23% seek healthy foods and fitness resource

    We are raising the bar for offshore wind farm construction and operations. Ask us how.