What Motivates Gen Z to Go Plant-Based?

Published on : 2/7/23
  • While Gen Zers aren’t quite ready to do away with their burgers and hot dogs, the majority of this cohort (65%) find plant-based cuisine appealing, and more than a third (36%) say they consume meat-alternatives daily. In fact, the highest proportion of ‘meat limiters’ – consumers who eat vegan, pescatarian or flexitarian diets – are Gen Zers. So, what exactly makes this cohort so ready and willing to try plant-based foods?

    The answer well exceeds taste and price. Download our report to learn how Gen Zers are considering a far wider range of factors, like environmental impacts, nutrition and food experience when making purchasing decisions – factors that are reshaping the food and beverage industry for all consumers and driving the growth of the pant-based foods market.

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