Leveraging the Momentum: Driving Up Service Standards in the Permian Basin

Published on : 3/15/22
  • Overview

    Since 2015, Sodexo has been managing the world-class facilities of a supermajor’s West Texas Permian Basin operations. The Midland campus consists of two office buildings connected by a walkway and includes a cafeteria, training facility, conference center and central plant.

    In 2021, the Sodexo team identified a long-awaited opportunity for audio-visual (AV) upgrades in their multiple conference rooms.

    The client had been experiencing ongoing equipment failures due to water damage stemming from a structural design flaw, and with their intention to change their internal business communication platform, it was an opportunity to provide a complete refresh of the conference center.


    • Developing a long-term solution for a complete conference center update
    • Mitigating equipment failures and increasing videoconferencing capabilities



    Nick Knorr, Area General Manager, and Shane Bell, Operations Manager and AV Subject Matter Expert, worked with the client’s Integrated Collaboration team and a Sodexo vendor to develop a long-term solution that could potentially become a standard for additional conference centers throughout the portfolio.

    The team also worked with the client's Operations lead to secure funding for the project.

    Finally, they partnered with the Sodexo Design and Construction Team to execute the construction needs for the space.

    Although the Sodexo team had proposed a similar solution to the client in 2018, the client's companywide transition from one communication platform to another triggered the need for some of the prescribed changes to be implemented.


    The client’s transition to a new business platform, combined with the equipment failures from water damage, gave our Midland team the momentum they needed to execute their three-years-in-the-making development plan to update the design and add additional functionality to the conference center.

    Not only is the updated conference center more functional, but the execution was also highly cost-effective for the client. The project was completed with added functionality at a comparable price point from the initial 2018 proposal.

    "We have realized significant savings from the retail price through discounts and Sodexo preferred pricing,” Knorr says.

    The completion of the state-of-the-art conference center in February 2022 is praised by the client. Innovative ideas of this kind help further establish our repertoire of excellence with this global client. We want to celebrate Nick Knorr and Shane Bell for their innovative problem solving and their commitment to driving up service standards for their clients.

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