Proactive Problem-Solving Ensures Service Excellence Offshore

Published on : 7/6/22
  • Mobilized offshore contract within 45 days using Sodexo's global network
    Took the tow from Norway to the Gulf of Mexico in 20 days
    Procured and boarded 9,000 pounds of groceries and other supplies in a matter of days
    Prepared and served over 6,000 meals in two and a half weeks

    Our client is a premier, fully integrated provider of engineering and construction solutions to the energy industry. Operating in over 54 countries, the client’s locally focused and globally integrated resources include more than 30,000 employees, a diversified fleet of specialty marine construction vessels and fabrication facilities around the world.

    Sodexo has been a preferred partner to the client and has provided services on their offshore installations in the North Sea, India, the Netherlands, and the U.S.

    Sodexo leveraged our global network and scale to successfully mobilize the offshore contract within 45 days, avoiding any service disruption. We took the tow from Norway to the Gulf of Mexico in 20 days, providing exceptional culinary and janitorial support throughout the process. 

    Exceptional service from port to port

    As a service provider, Sodexo recognizes that our energy industry clients require dedicated, trusted partnerships in complete synchronization. This is especially true in the world of offshore, where minor operational snags can hinder a project’s anticipated time frame. 

    When a project arises, our teams are known to rise swiftly to the occasion, drawing on our global network of resources and decades-long experience in the industry to anticipate needs, handle obstacles and guarantee client outcomes. Because to us, providing trusted, dependable offshore support services means ensuring that each and every client project is delivered successfully, reliably and on time.

    Due to U.S. restrictions, the ship needed to be crewed anew and stocked with supplies directly in Norway, in preparation for its 6,145 nautical mile voyage to the Gulf of Mexico. Sodexo’s dedicated global project management team established critical stakeholder alignment, communication protocols, and identified and mitigated risk to ensure a seamless transition for our client.

    Working with methodical coordination across our operational support teams in the U.S. and Norway, our supply chain and procurement experts in the U.S. and Europe, our staffing and human resources teams in the U.S and our finance teams in France, we were able to effectively leverage our suppliers and vendor partners to determine and procure supplies, crew the ship directly in Norway with new employees from the Philippines and provide culinary and janitorial support until the ship reached the Gulf of Mexico — all while keeping within the initial time frame.

    Dawn Guidry, District Manager, Sodexo, Energy & Resources, Offshore, says:

    Sodexo is a global company. We work as a team around the world to ensure our clients don’t even notice a transition. From port to port, we deploy the same exceptional standards that we’ve come to be known for — the same exceptional service. Our clients don’t miss a beat, even across the ocean.

    Results at a glance

    To ensure a seamless transition with no service disruption for the client, our teams:  

    • Attained 11 new employees to crew the ship, including 1 executive steward, 1 night cook and 9 utility workers
    • Ensured proper crew certification
    • Determined inventory needs
    • Procured and boarded 9,000 pounds of groceries and other supplies in a matter of days
    • Prepared and served 4 meals per day for an estimated 70 people on board during the tow, resulting in a total of 6,000 meals served  


    Grateful for the crew’s steadfast service and support on board, the ship’s captain requested that they not only remain to take the tow back to Norway but continue on board with the ship’s latter route to Africa. 

    Our clients know they can trust us to anticipate challenges and deliver when it is most needed because we empower our people with the necessary resources, knowledge and skill set to keep the energy industry moving forward.

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