Enhancing Offshore Wind Farm Employee Experiences

Published on : 11/8/23
  • Wind farms will play a critical role in the ongoing shift to environmentally responsible energy production. The offshore wind farm industry is facing an unprecedented war for talent, as the demand for skilled workers continues to grow rapidly. Recruiting enough people to meet staffing needs has been difficult across many industries in recent years, but it is particularly challenging in this unique and often grueling environment. In addition to the work itself, employees face issues related to being away from home for extended periods. It’s imperative for wind farm construction and operation companies to position themselves as employers of choice in order to attract and retain talented workers.

    So how can you attract the best employees and keep your workforce engaged during offshore wind farm construction and operation?

    By putting people first. It sounds simple, but it takes commitment. Today’s most competitive offshore wind farm organizations are winning the war for talent by offering an enhanced employee experience that prioritizes overall well-being and satisfaction. Dining and hospitality services on board are one way to create a comfortable home-away-from-home where employees can thrive.

    Dining Services at Offshore Wind Farms

    The dining and nutrition needs of offshore workers vary from those of the average consumer. The intensive labor on board means workers need meals and snacks to keep them full and fueled. Food is also a source of comfort for many, which is important as workers struggle with the sense of isolation and homesickness that can come from working offshore.

    Sodexo leverages a deep understanding of food trends and nutrition to create menus that are carefully tailored to the needs of offshore wind farm workers. Dining teams on board create menus by pulling from Sodexo’s vast recipe database, which contains thousands of delicious, creative options. Menus feature a wide range of dishes, from exotic global flavors to popular local fare. Healthy options abound, including plant-based foods and allergen-friendly dishes. Comfort foods are essential for offshore workers’ satisfaction, so Sodexo makes sure to include plenty of authentic, scratch-made meals that will fill workers up and remind them of home. With many workers keeping a busy schedule, convenience is paramount. For workers looking for a quick meal or snack, pre-packaged options — including items from some of the most popular global and local brands — are available on board.

    Creating a Comfortable, Restorative Experience on Board

    Another way to improve the employee experience during offshore wind farm construction and operation is by providing a clean, comfortable living environment. Sodexo has developed extensive programs for maintaining a truly clean and inviting atmosphere on board, bolstered by environmentally friendly products and investments in advanced equipment. With robust cleaning, housekeeping and laundry services, your employees feel right at home while working offshore.

    Of course, the most important thing at any worksite — but especially offshore — is worker safety. Providing the right nutrition and a comfortable environment that is conducive to rest and recovery ensures employees are always alert, energized and ready to perform daily tasks in a safe, focused manner.

    Bringing It All Together

    Putting people first and prioritizing their satisfaction and comfort improves retention and helps attract the skilled workers who are most in demand at offshore wind farms. A safe, welcoming, comfortable environment improves the employee experience and helps your workers thrive while on board. And when your employees thrive, your entire operation thrives.