Energy Use Intensity Data Leads to Cost and Energy Savings Opportunity

Published on : 10/10/23
  • Overview

    Our long-term partnership with one of the energy majors presented an opportunity to address issues such as: cost and energy usage, minimizing disruptions to operations, ensuring safe working conditions, and finding reliable and credible service. At this site, which spans over 1.3 million square footage, we aimed to identify energy efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities through an Energy Use Intensity (EUI) benchmarking study across 17 systems and 1,500 devices.


    Our Approach

    To tackle the challenge, we conducted an EUI benchmarking study to rank buildings based on their potential for reducing energy consumption and associated costs. This study also included an analysis of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). From the findings, we developed monthly load profiles for the top seven sites to further analyze outliers and narrow down savings opportunities. Equipped with this information, we presented the client with three audit levels, outlining the necessary investments and long-term energy cost savings.

    Measured Solutions

    The benchmarking study and subsequent audit revealed the potential for a reduction in electrical consumption, specifically for the HVAC system. Equipped with these insights, we received approval from the client for an HVAC retro-commissioning project designed to achieve the proposed energy and cost savings.

    The client had lost confidence in the HVAC system due to historical difficulties before Sodexo became involved. Our team identified the situation and undertook an exploratory analysis of the building's HVAC and Building Automation System (BAS). Our phased approach allowed us to systematically correct legacy system problems, rebuild confidence, improve customer experience, increase building operators’ productivity and repair non-operable mechanical HVAC equipment, including air handling units, fan power terminal units with electric heaters and variable air volume boxes. Additionally, electrical data loggers were installed to track electrical consumption before and after commissioning to establish baseline numbers.

    Energy and Cost Savings Phase Approach

    Real Results

    The HVAC retro-commissioning pilot delivered impressive results for our client. Sodexo achieved a notable 25-30% reduction in electrical consumption at the floor level, which translated to a 10-15% reduction in cost and total building electrical consumption. Furthermore, the alarm count dropped significantly from several hundred to 10 or fewer, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. By utilizing the data and results collected from the exploratory pilot, we received approval from our client to perform a multi-year full building retro-commissioning project that includes chiller plant and outside air handling systems. The return on investment (ROI) for the project stands at 3.2 years, making it a financially viable and impactful initiative.

    Our proactive study and audit process, coupled with our expertise and long-standing partnership, sets Sodexo apart as the preferred choice for our client. By identifying energy and cost-saving opportunities and executing the HVAC retro-commissioning project, we delivered tangible results while solidifying our reputation as a reliable and credible service provider. Our commitment to excellence and our ability to provide innovative solutions have established us as a trusted partner in optimizing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.


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