Sodexo Café Donates Nearly 4,000 Pounds of Food to D.C. Locals

Published on : 2/1/23
  • At the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C., Executive Chef Annette Oliveras is fighting food waste by diverting pounds of fresh food away from the landfill in order to help those in their community.  

    The Sodexo café at the National Geographic Society serves a range of meal options, including chili con carne, Thai beef salad and daily soups. The diverse options reflect and enhance the workplace experience and culture at the Society. Once employees have enjoyed their meals, any remaining leftovers that would typically be thrown away at other cafeterias, such as fruit, breakfast meats and stir-fry vegetables, are donated instead.  

    Oliveras says:

    We are aware of the men and women living on the streets around National Geographic and fully understand the need is real. The amount of food sent to our landfills is unconscionable and exasperatingly unnecessary.

    Over the past few years, the National Geographic Society cafe has donated nearly 4,000 pounds of food, or the equivalent of about 3,300 meals. Those meals go to Food Rescue US, which then transports the food a short distance to reach hungry people. Food Rescue and Sodexo were featured in local news coverage in 2022. 

    The donated food, which Sodexo and the National Geographic Society started tracking in 2016, is valued at about $6,380. It accounts for about 20% of the total weight of food that goes uneaten on site.  

    Oliveras says:

    This is truly a team endeavor. We are happy to work with our friends at Food Rescue DC every week.

    Her sous chef takes pride in making every foil pan filled with food a pan full of love, she says.

    Putting an emphasis on reducing waste, prioritizing sustainability and providing healthful options doesn't just apply to the National Geographic Society. Sodexo is committed to improving quality of life through its partnerships. In fact, through Sodexo's Stop Hunger Foundation, 12.5 million people benefited from our support in 2023.

    At the Society, Sodexo provides food services, including a café, convenience store, catering and vending solutions. Learn more about the full range of our food solutions, including flexible and tailor-made options for your workplace, via Food Connection.  


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    *Image source Jay Korff (ABC7-News)