Celebrations Support Offshore Workers' Well-Being

Published on : 5/9/23
  • Working in an offshore environment means employees spend weeks or months away from their families and other close contacts. Being away from home for extended periods of time can affect well-being and emotional health and lead to safety and performance issues.

    Being proactive and using strategies to cope with being away from home results in improved well-being, more efficient work performance and reduced risks on the job, according to a study from the International Association of Drilling Contractors.


    Inclusive Events Support Well-Being

    Sodexo is committed to an inclusive workplace and understands how important it is to welcome and support employees in their different ways of processing information, interacting with others, and achieving goals. Inclusive social gatherings and celebrations, whether big or small, can have a positive effect on mental health and make a significant difference in offshore workers' quality of life.  

    According to a study in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, celebrations that highlight accomplishments or life events, such as reaching a team-wide goal or finishing a degree, give the biggest boost to employees' well-being.

    These events foster feelings of belonging, appreciation and connectedness, which are vital for any workforce, but especially offshore and are linked to improved health and well-being.

    Celebrate Special Days

    At our client site in the Gulf of Mexico, supporting employees’ well-being through celebrations has implemented in several ways. Super Bowl Sunday was celebrated with a football-themed spread of cake, ice cream, wings and pizza. For St. Patrick's Day, Sodexo worked with the client to offer corned beef and pork stew, complemented by green, orange and gold decorations.

    Sodexo's teams also worked with clients to mark Easter, Thanksgiving, Cinco De Mayo and Mardi Gras with elaborate cakes and desserts that provided a centerpiece for festive food and drinks. Celebrations like these are essential to offshore life and provide opportunities to socialize and build camaraderie with colleagues.

    When workers feel their best, they perform their best, and Sodexo is committed to helping your people thrive. Learn more about how we're encouraging and providing access to healthy lifestyle choices that support both physical and mental health.