Meet Greg Taylor, Energy and Resources Solution Designer: Part 1

Published on : 8/8/22
  • Solution Design for Client Leads to Best-in-Class Performance

    Over 40 years in facilities management
    Experience in both management and operations
    Sodexo employee for almost eleven years

    Greg Taylor, Energy and Resources solution designer at Sodexo, North America is responsible for designing customizable client solutions for onshore and offshore clients in the U.S. Greg brings with him over forty years of facilities management experience on both the management and operational sides of the business, and has been with Sodexo for almost eleven years.  

    We spoke with Greg to gain a better understanding of his solution design process and how consolidating providers leads to best in-class performance for our clients. This is the first of a two-part interview series.

    Interviewer: Can you describe your current role as a Solution Designer at Sodexo?

    Greg Taylor: As a Solution Designer, I’m responsible for coming up with tailored solutions for existing and prospective clients. I try to understand what the client wants from a provider and what kind of services they’ll need, then design a solution based on that. From there, we decide on a cost associated with the solution and mobilize a team to oversee the transition period.  

    Interviewer: Can you explain the process you take to understand our clients' needs when you go into solution design?

    Greg Taylor: We have a standard process when it comes to solution design that we refer to as Technical Services Framework. This detailed process allows us to really focus on the key items our clients want. We take into consideration what kind of scope of work they’re dealing with, how we can best service them, and what kind of results they are looking for. Once we have that information from our clients, we begin our standard process to design a customizable solution. 

    Interviewer: What services and solutions have clients been the most receptive to?

    Greg Taylor: Our clients tend to be the most drawn to our use of current tools and technologies. Our Technical Services Framework requires the use of many tools in order to provide best in-class service for our clients. For example, we use a computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS that tracks work orders and assets that helps us design solutions.  

    Interviewer: What are some of those ways that you measure performance for our clients? How do they know that we're performing best-in-class?

    Greg Taylor: We take a collaborative approach when it comes to working with our clients and have a good understanding of what our clients want once we reach this point in the process. Some key measurements that our clients look for are our critical asset rates or the meantime between asset failures. We record these metrics in our CMMS in order to best track our performance. 

    Interviewer: When a client is choosing providers, why should they consider Sodexo?

    Greg Taylor: I believe that our Technical Services Framework that I described previously is what sets us apart from others. We design a solution that allows us to provide unique services to our clients and can be fine-tuned at any moment.  

    Also, I believe the tools and technologies we use set us apart as well. We not only provide CMMS technology that is used to report data to our clients, but other technologies such as sensor technology that is used to measure certain functional elements, such as leak detection. So, with our use of relevant technology and our customizable solution design process, I think we make a strong provider for potential clients.


    Learn more from Greg on how consolidating providers leads to best in-class performance for our clients in part two of our interview.