Commissary Bakery Delivers Exceptional Flavors in San Francisco

Published on : 7/18/23
  • Chef Efrain Roman photo

    In the face of unprecedented challenges brought by the global pandemic, Bliss Craft Bake Shop has emerged with a unique business model that provides exceptional baked goods. The bakery, which is run from a commissary kitchen, supplies more than 20 clients in the San Francisco Bay Area with delicious treats made from scratch.

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    Bliss Craft Bake Shop, led by talented Executive Chef Efrain Roman, specializes in a range of baked goods, from mouthwatering cookies to seasonal galettes and specialty treats. Chef Roman’s years of expertise and passion for culinary excellence shine through in each creation. With his leadership and expertise, the team at Bliss has flourished, serving freshly baked brownie bars, blondies, English muffins, cornbread and more.

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    Using the same exacting standards as The Good Eating Company, Bliss utilizes the best ingredients and organic products when available — sourced seasonally, sustainably and locally. The team at Bliss creates fresh ready-to-bake seasonal desserts and baked goods for local outposts of The Good Eating Company, Modern Recipe and Kitchen Works.

    Employees at Bay Area workplaces can treat themselves to decadent treats from Bliss for an energizing morning snack or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Whenever the time is right, those little bits of goodness during the workday can add unexpected delight and connection points for companies planning to return to the office, whether full time or a hybrid schedule. 

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    The bakery's recent smash hit, the Churro Bar, features freshly made churros served with a variety of mouthwatering ice creams and delectable toppings. Bliss Craft served over 600 people at the Churro Bar’s debut, solidifying the bakery’s ability to deliver memorable experiences.

    Bliss Craft Bake Shop takes pride in offering unique and customized solutions to clients, and the bakery is a testament to this approach. By combining culinary expertise with a passion for creativity, Bliss delivers exceptional culinary experiences for the workplace.

    Whether you’re outside the Bay Area or just want a taste of Chef Roman’s creations, we're sharing a recipe for his renowned olive oil cake recipe. This dessert combines the richness of olive oil with a moist and tender crumb, resulting in a cake that's sophisticated and comforting. This olive oil cake showcases the versatility and creativity that Bliss Craft Bake Shop brings to the table.


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