Reduce patient mortality and increase speed of recovery in your healthcare system through Clinicia™ — a proactive, comprehensive model of medical nutrition therapy.

Clinicia from Sodexo Healthcare is the only evidence-based approach to patient nutrition powered by the latest emerging science and data from around the globe, administered by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) operating at the top of their credentials and guided by a national nutrition leadership team.

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Driving Science, Championing Healthier Lives

  1. National Nutrition Leadership Team: Above the unit, subject matter experts at the forefront of clinical research, new solution development and team leadership who coach and guide the on-site dietitians to reach your specific benchmarks of success.
  2. Operational Excellence in Clinical Care: Sodexo’s community of dietitians are trained using Lean Six Sigma principles and are provided with national benchmarks to ensure optimized efficiency in clinical care delivery.
  3. Dietitian HR/Labor Management: A reliable solution for surge support and shortages. Sodexo offers a post-graduate dietetic internship program to build a pipeline of the next generation of dietitians. All Sodexo dietitians receive access to continuing education programming as well as pathways to secure advanced credentialing, including access to both master and doctoral nutrition programs.
  4. Thought Leadership: As the leading network of nutrition professionals, Sodexo’s highly competent clinical leaders use the most recent advances in nutrition science to drive research and application, ensuring an evidence-based practice that delivers outcomes.
  5. Optimized Patient Safety and Outcomes: Consistency and accuracy in clinical nutrition documentation, including implementation of the Comprehensive Malnutrition Platform to identify and treat malnourished patients and the initiation of TeleNutrition to reach employees, outpatients and the community. 

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Nutrition and Wellness Center by Sodexo

If you serve patients who require or would benefit from nutrition interventions, the Nutrition and Wellness Center can help. By partnering with us to offer telenutrition services, you can make it easy for your patients to reach their nutrition goals and avoid lengthy backlogs in receiving nutrition support.

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A Nutrition-Centered Intervention for Clinical Care

Poor diet is responsible for more deaths globally than tobacco, high blood pressure or any other health risk. Patient nutrition goes beyond just putting good food on the plate.

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists have advanced training in the therapy of diets and how that therapy plays into your patient’s chronic disease state. This detailed clinical analysis between diet and disease supports and speeds recovery, reduces length of stay and delays readmissions.

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Boost Quality Performance and Patient Satisfaction

Clinicia Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are critical as principal members of your multi-disciplinary care team because they are the only ones on the team:

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Dietitians Practicing at the Top of Their Credentials

More dietitians choose Sodexo as their professional home versus any other private employer.

Our comprehensive training program for new dietitians and clinical nutrition managers includes peer-led education on the latest emerging topics in patient care. Exclusive to Sodexo and client RDNs, we also offer an accelerated Master of Science in Dietetics program through our partnership with The University of Rhode Island, as well as a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition program at The University of Texas Medical Branch.

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A Systemic Strategy to Nutrition Services

Increase your healthcare system’s efficiency, effectiveness and consistency in the delivery of care through a standardized practice that is consistent, repeatable and focused on optimizing outcomes.

Sodexo’s Clinical Nutrition Service is the leading network of nutrition professionals, achieving excellence through a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of practicing, leading and innovating.

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Boost Quality Performance and Patient Satisfaction