Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Week, May 19–25, 2024, is our industry's opportunity to honor and recognize the innovative work our engineers and other HTM teams are doing to keep hospitals running. HTM helps healthcare organizations to comply with applicable regulatory and accreditation requirements, enhance patient safety and satisfaction, increase productivity, and reduce expenses through a continual improvement process based on data collected in equipment maintenance and management. We recognize that the work our HTM teams do is foundational to care delivery, ensuring that patients can be diagnosed and treated, efficiently and effectively all day, every day across the system of care.

This week - and throughout the year - we celebrate our HTM teams. Here are just a few impressive Healthcare Technology Management team members.




ashley-parkhurst.pngAshley Parkhurst

Ashley is an HTM Supervisor at Altru Health System in Grand Forks, ND. She has been in her role just over two years and has worked at Altru in the Biomed department for 6.5 years. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids at the lake in the summer months, and they spend winters keeping busy with snowmobiling. She enjoys having a hobby farm with goats and chickens. 

I am extremely passionate about providing the absolute best service and care for our staff and patients. I love to work with the team to enhance our processes and procedures to ensure we are delivering the highest quality of support.




cesar-macias.pngCesar N. Macias, CBET

As he dove deeper into the world of Biomed, Cesar discovered a natural affinity for the broader realm of technology and its intersection with HTM. Transitioning from a Biomed Technician to Cybersecurity Program Manager was a pivotal moment in his career. In this role, Cesar found himself at the forefront of safeguarding critical assets and mitigating cyber threats, drawing upon his technical expertise and strategic insight to develop comprehensive cybersecurity plans and strategies. Amidst the challenges and complexities of his journey, one thing remained constant: the sheer joy of learning and evolving within the HTM field. Whether I was mastering the intricacies of medical technology or devising innovative cybersecurity strategies, he has approached each task with a sense of excitement and determination that’s fueled his growth and propelled him forward.

My journey within Sodexo has been nothing short of extraordinary. A testament to the boundless opportunities for growth and development that the company offers. From my humble beginnings as a BMET 1 to my current role as Cybersecurity Program Manager, every step of this journey has been marked by learning, evolution, and a deep-seated passion for HTM.




marcos-bofill.pngMarcos Bofill

Marcos is an HTM SoCal Field Supervisor. Raised in La Palma, California and graduated from S.C.I.T (Southern California Institute of Technology), Marcos has developed an innovative process which allows successful productivity in the field. 
Marcos' attention to detail combined with his passion for the industry is what makes him so valuable to Sodexo. On his free time, he enjoys making memories with his growing family or power lifting weights at the gym. His personal philosophy is to always come in with a plan in hand.

If you showed up without a plan, you've already failed.



kyle-siglin.pngKyle Siglin

Kyle graduated Johnson Technical College in 1999 with an associate degree in applied science for Biomedical Equipment Engineering. After completing his internship at Robert Packer Hospital he was hired in a full-time BMET position where he has been working and growing in the field throughout his career. Since May 2023 he has been the Interim Director at the 5-hospital system at The Guthrie Clinic. He believes HTM is the first line of ensuring equipment is safe to use, providing positive patient outcomes.

I strive to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for every patient through ensuring the equipment being used is in the best possible condition for treatment and diagnosis.



edward-bober.pngEdward Bober

Edward started his career after studying electronics in college, which included biomed devices. He progressed quickly from entry level to a supervisor role. He started as a BMET 3 at LGH, became the Director at Wentworth Douglass Hospital, and is now the Director at Central Maine Medical Center. 

I have always believed in safety first in everything we do. Getting equipment back in service in the proper way and in a timely manner benefits not only our clients but also the patients who rely on safe equipment.



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