We are so proud of the Sodexo teams who have shown resilience, optimism, and innovation while continuing to serve their communities during this time. Here are some of their stories. Scroll down to see how you can help communities in need.

Runway Style for Handmade Personal Protective Equipment

US Air Force, CA - You might imagine these stylish face masks were designed by a high-end fashion brand. But no, they're original designs by Sodexo's U.S. Air Force District Manager Marquis Edwards, who has gone above and beyond to support employees, the elderly, and other high-risk members of the community, demonstrating commitment to safety and love for the community.

Going Above and Beyond to Keep Her Team Safe

I-95 Madison Northbound Plaza, CT - When Lois Stevens, a Sodexo employee with the CT Service Plazas contract, learned that she was part of the essential environmental service team during coronavirus, she saw an opportunity to use her craft skills to help fellow essential employees stay safe. Lois made her own cloth masks and distributed them to the management team and coworkers at her plaza.

Protecting Our Nation's Protectors

Twentynine Palms, CA - At MCAGCC-MAGTFTC, Twentynine Palms’ Mess Hall 1660, one of the most important tasks is preparing meals for Marines quarantined for 14 days after deployment or basic training. The team, led by General Manager David Richmond and Operations Manager Manny Unpingco, also prepares about 1,200 daily takeout meals of pizza and salad for Marines every single day.

Never Compromising on Cleanliness or Quality Despite Challenges

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA - At Camp Pendleton, two extraordinary crews have stood out. At Mess Hall 14036, GM Rita McCoy asks team members to critique each meal on presentation, temperature and taste and to find ways to improve upon the previous meal. At Mess Hall 62402, Sgt. Raco and the team clean all throughout services and are always committed to improving facility cleanliness.

A Bright Idea to Bring Sodexo Flair to Facemask Style

Beale Air Force Base, CA - The crew at Beale Air Force Base had an innovative idea to use old catering polo shirts to add a little Sodexo flair to their handmade personal protective equipment. The effort was the brainchild of café attendant John Wayne, who along with fellow café attendant Amanda Huisman created all the masks themselves, which boosted safety for themselves and coworkers.

Sharing the Story of our Heroic Capitol Hill Team

Lead by Chef Fred Johnson III, Senior General Manager, we had dozens of team members who were evacuated and sheltered in place; barricaded in a secure location. After six hours of anxious waiting, the already exhausted team had a choice—they could go home to their families or they could feed hundreds of Members of Congress, staff, reporters and police officers who had just gone through what they did.



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