Sodexo Wellness uses a universal mobile app, coaching and behavioral change system that puts the power of long-term health improvement into the hands of every person. Employees, patients, students and consumers can design their own well-being experiences and realize their own quality of life vision by choosing the healthy habit they want to create, the coach they want to work with and the tools they want to use.

Go Above and Beyond

Addressing Employee Engagement in Health & Well-being

Our Employee Engagement Platform is the first comprehensive, global employee engagement technology on the market. We cover the employee experience with a single cohesive solution, including the areas of Health & Well-being, Diversity & Inclusion and Learning and Recognition.

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For Your Employees

Our program infrastructure drives mass enrollment and reliably leads to long-term behavior change at rates between three and five times higher than comparable solutions – and at a fraction of the cost of other current wellness or disease management programs.

Well-being in Action at Sodexo

Sodexo continuously strives to improve the quality of life of our own employees. We launched our program within our own employee population and achieved 62% enrollment and 40% engagement, compared to industry benchmarks of 15% and 10%, respectively. We also saw significant improvements in our employee’s overall quality of life, as measured by an evidence based pre/post assessment survey.

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