Maximizing Savings for Operators 

Entegra and Sodexo provide procurement services that improve your bottom line.

As companies emerge from crisis management to operating in their “new normal” environments, they are more challenged than ever to operate safely and maintain the same high-quality customer experience all while improving profits. Entegra Procurement Services, a division of Sodexo, is an expert in improving business operations and the bottom-line by finding saving opportunities on food, furniture, fixtures and equipment spending. Entegra’s expert advisors work with clients to understand their operational challenges and goals and provide customized options to improve savings and operations, all while helping them elevate their customers' experience.

At Entegra Procurement Services, tell us what you’re looking to accomplish, and we’ll surprise you with what’s possible. We provide our clients with new ideas, fresh takes and a global perspective on ways to improve operations and procurement savings. Our advisors dig deep to genuinely understand your challenges to find or build solutions that help you to transform your client’s experience while maximizing profit. With data-driven insights, culinary services, operational support, and procurement expertise, we help you achieve your goals and have better business outcomes.