Reduce the distraction of running unpleasant everyday errands, while helping your hard-working employees get more done at work and at home. Our concierge services help them focus on work and stay on-site, while still meeting the demands of home.


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The highly-trained concierges at Circles respond to every need, from running the simplest errands to satisfying complex, time-consuming requests. Whether an employee wants to make reservations at a special destination, obtain a last-minute travel visa, have a car dropped off at the mechanic, find a plumber or have their clothes dry cleaned, Circle’s concierge service can do it all without your employees leaving the office.

Circles will find a solution for busy employees—24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The process is simple: they make their requests at the company's offices, by telephone or online.

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Go Above and Beyond

Offer Customized Help for Each Employee

We understand our customers and are able to personalize our services and the delivery approach based on their individual preferences and historical data. This is all facilitated by technology that protects your employees privacy.

Find an Answer and Get it Done, Anytime – Anywhere

Our Virtual Concierge model provides 24/7/365 immediate access to our team in many ways: a toll-free phone number, email or multiple digital channels.

Let us Promote, Share, and Track the Program

What good is an incredible perk like Concierge service, if no one knows about it? We include consistent, informative program promotion with targeted campaigns that drive employee engagement. People love the service and keep coming back; 97% of Circles users are repeat customers. Regular reports measure speed of response and quality of results, giving you confidence in our services.

Increase Loyalty and Employee Satisfaction

We know that by personally delighting your employees, companies experience higher retention, productivity, satisfaction and referrals. When you make life a little easier for your team, their capacity for excellence grows.

Start Dreaming of the Tasks You’ll Get Off Your Plate

Whether it’s extensive travel planning and research, a helpful suggestion, a creative idea for an anniversary, getting keys made, picking up dry-cleaning, or a securing a hard-to-get reservation, Circles can utilize our network of over 3,000 exclusive local, regional, domestic and international partners to make it happen.