Wowing Guests with a New Modern, Healthy Dining Experience at the OCCC

Published on : 6/1/22
  • Reinvent your guest experience with fresh, healthy, locally infused flavor profiles and adaptable menu concepts. A 2019 revamp of the “traditional cafeteria” style at the Orange County Convention Center’s (OCCC) West Building led to the establishment of four modern, visually striking eateries – stocked with fresh, à la minute menu items to command and amplify the Center’s guest experience. 

    Working with our partners at the OCCC, changes were made based upon guest feedback indicating a preference for more local and healthy options. Guests wanted to explore different flavors while visiting for a meeting or event, but also keep with their wellness lifestyle from home.

    Molly Crouch, Corporate Director of Sustainability at Sodexo Live! says:

    For convention centers, these new styles of food preparation in our food courts and retail concessions provide guests a unique, fresh guarantee that their food is prepared and assembled à la minute while they wait versus how it has always been done in the past – where prematurely prepared food waits for the guest, instead.

    Peter Minervini, Sodexo Live! General Manager at the Orange County Convention Center says:

    Our plan for the food courts is to be as flexible as possible and adapt menus to match the events. By tailoring the concepts that would work best for each event, we are able to maximize our sales while providing our attendees with the choice and selection they expect from the OCCC.



    Enhance Revenue Generation

    The timely renovation of OCCC’s dining locations has increased revenue generation at the site’s dynamic, new eateries by a whopping 88%. The wide variety of choice and fresh, enticing flavors has brought new-found popularity amongst guests, making these updated dining sites the Center’s most visited new restaurants.  

    Ignite Inspired Experiences

    At the OCCC’s dynamic, new eateries — furnished with sleek, eye-catching interiors and state-of-the-art technology — fresh food is prepared and assembled à la minute for venue attendees. The new adaptable, flexible menu concepts at the OCCC are tailored to highlight the unique local flavors of the Central Florida region and diversify the site’s culinary offerings, elevating the overall guest dining experience.